Another "Who Cares" Break-up Rumor: Ashanti and Nelly

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Is Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship going down the crapper?? Despite Wendy Williams saying that it’s rock solid, there’s still rumors floating. If the break-up is true, it’s a shame because even though they both annoy me to high hell, I still think they make a cute couple.

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  • http://N/A jasmine

    I think they relationship sucks its crazy that she gave him her body and left her…….. I think thats what happen with you focus on love instead of your career. she needs to focus on her music because she only have 1 song that ok, meaning it can be better.. And for Nelly he just needed a tip- drill not a wife.

  • Valentin



    It is soooooooo true. Nelly and Ashanti are no longer together. Nelly was recently seen in his home town of Saint Louis on a date with a soon to be police officer. I guess the girl is still in the academy but it is told by her friends that he approached her at a local casino. If they are still together he is surely cheating on her. HA WHO LIKES ASHANTI ANYWAY??

  • Christina

    Thats right women thats why we got to be careful not to let a guy have our body just so they can put miles on us like a car dump us then shop around for a new car.

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