Kanye’s Apology: “I’m Not Crazy Y’all. I’m Just Real. Sorry For That!!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Check on the flip for Yeezy’s apology..


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  • Me thinks

    the lady doth protest too much ;-/

  • http://www.bossip.com Re- Help Me Understand Why Little Mama Showed up Folding Her Arms at the End as if She Performed?

    Did he scream that apology to us?

    I think people should be banned from from using exclamations. Anywho, no apology can take away the embarrassment she felt yesterday…including Beyonce.

  • chinny


    dats nt genuine..damage done!

  • Lady Love

    His Apology is worser than Chris Browns Damn YE Really…………….WOW

  • Scorpio


  • Keeping It Real

    You have to be careful what you do. Some things you just can’t apologize for.

  • Hannibal


  • di-my-e

    im glad Kanye apologized to Taylor Swift, not for what he said. though it was probably the wrong time for the outburst, Mtv has a history of missing the mark when giving out awards…

  • Mikado7777777

    Seems like this personality he’s created with Amber as a “brand” is not working-there’s thousands more ready and able to take his place….

  • The Maven

    Sit down, Kanye
    When you are in a hole, you need to stop digging…..

  • king_d95

    i official hate kanye & lobe
    taylor!! suk it mr.westt


    Poor Kanye, I wanted to visit his blog but it states that “Site Upgrades In Progress”. For some reason this whole mess is very suspicious because Kanye has pulled many stunts and has apologized for them but he has never shut down his blog before.

  • WTF

    I hate kanye now. How the hell did he get on stage? For real yall he neds to crossed off all award shows roster!! He is always running his big mouth. Hpefully next year MTV will beef up security so they can kick dumb asses like him out of the show.

  • t

    oh and dear kanye,

    just as gracefully janet and mandonna bridged the gap and brought us all together in MJ memory you took the opportunity to separate us all once again.

    thanks for nothing stupid.

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Po little girl didn’t know what to do LOL

  • Gmen

    now im Kanye fan! nikka back to hip-hop!

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    Kanye is a Fool!

  • it'sRAWRRbitch!

    Kanye is still a jackass!

  • Lady Love


    Gurl prayer wont help him he need professional help,Russel Brand got more sense than him

  • Angee


    I’m still trying to figure out why Lil Mama showed up on stage to!!

    As for Kanye, I am not sure he can apologize his way out of this one!

    He has the right to his opinion about the awards programs, but he handled that very poorly!!

  • di-my-e

    you idiots act like this is the first time Kanye got out of pocket at an awards show. stop pretending like you are so shocked and disappointed. smh @ fakeness.

  • Samantha

    Most of you Azz holes who are saying there not a fan will buy next album he put out because he is good at what he does.

  • cruzan trini


  • Allison Mae

    Congratulations Chris Brown! You are no longer the most talked about black male celebrity! Pass that torch on to Kanye!!!! He’s going to run with it for a while! 😉


    Everyody booing him. He didn’t have to get up and do what he did. But i was thinking the same thing when they gave taylor swift the award. he keeps it real said what everyone was thinking. so there now get over it

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