Missing Yale Student Found Dead in University Wall

- By Bossip Staff

Yale graduate student Annie Le had been missing for five days before authorities  found what is believed to be her body.

Police  found a body Sunday behind a basement wall in the Yale research facility.  Police believe it to be Annie Le, a Yale student who was missing for the past five days.  The case has now been ruled as a homicide and will be investigated by the New Haven Police Department.  Seeing as the building is only accessible to students with magnetic entry cards, people believe the crime was committed by someone who had access to the building. University President Richard Levin says:

“The investigation will continue,” Levin said, adding that authorities are conducting an autopsy and identification of the remains. “We have every hope that it will be successfully resolved.”

Police first learned Annie was missing after her roommate reported her missing last Tuesday. She was set to be married to her fiance Jonathan Widawsky yesterday; friends and supporters left wedding gifts outside of Jonathan’s home.


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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Angee

    Sad ending! Was hoping for a better outcome!


  • Jessica

    I am praying for her family.

    This world can be an ugly place.

  • drenk

    @ Angee

    me too! I was hopin at worst it was pre-marriage jitters and she freaked out, condolences to the family

  • WhatTHE****

    OMG, this is so very sad! I pray that they found out the truth and that her family and friends can find peace somewhere within those truths.

  • Pookie

    RIP Annie

  • Karla

    Black women go missing everyday…not a peep on the news…White women missing syndrome only applies to white women and asians

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***


  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***


  • Rome A.K.A (You were wrong father!! Leonitis you were wrong!! Kanye you were wronger)!!!! LMBO

    I wish the best for her family.

  • Magz

    You have to be careful wherever you are! Poor Girl!

  • Lady J

    So sad….. I figured she met with foul play. Clearly, someone was planning this for a minute, one don’t just find a basement wall to hide a body………

  • drenk

    @ Karla

    way to take a sad story and focus on race, thas mighty strong of you

  • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name

    Dont blame it on the first black man you see~!!

  • tb

    @ karla – True that! I feel bad that this chick was killed, but black ppl don’t ever get no they due…dead or alive it just don’t matter unless it’s something negative they try to drag us through the mud.

  • tb

    Her death either had to do with someone being envious of her or her or her man cheating.

  • mea

    I am thinking it was a classmate, or the professor. No one just wandered on the campus of Yale, to commit a violent act. The person knew the layout of the building, to stuff her in a wall.

  • HUstrawberry

    RIP that’s very sad.

  • PAM


    I am thinking it was a classmate, or the professor. No one just wandered on the campus of Yale, to commit a violent act. The person knew the layout of the building, to stuff her in a wall.”

    I’m with you on this soror.

  • Aunt Viv

    Whoever did this was beyond sick.

    So sad. May she rest in peace.

  • http://facebook.com/ggoodei ggoodeimc

    Damn dude. Five days before she was to get married. Yeah….someone that she knew was getting back at her for the marriage.

    I hope they find the fool that this. Damn…gotta be careful now a days. Gotta be. RIP Annie!

  • Ginger

    They have not confirmed that the body is hers.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Turn My Swag On

    you mean to tell me they killed this girl right on school premises? this is so sad. we are living in a very sick environment.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Turn My Swag On

    “They have not confirmed that the body is hers”

    they all but confirmed it on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. who elses body would it be?

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