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Marv: Hey Bobby, how you doing today?

Bobby: Alright, how you doing?

Marv: I’m doing well.

Bobby: That’s good, that’s good.

Marv: First off I just wanted to give you kudos on the success of your new single “Anonymous.”

Bobby: Thank you, thank you.

Marv: That’s a hot track.

Bobby: Thank you I appreciate that.

Marv: No problem. Um, your second album Special Occasion has been pushed back a bunch of times and the current release date is May 8th. Is the album complete yet, or is it still a work in progress?

Bobby: Oh yeah, it’s done now. Actually we were just looking for that great single. You know, the album has been done, but I kinda went back in and re-recorded because a lot of songs got leaked. So I wanted to go in and do a new album, and the album is done, “Anonymous” is the new single and, you know, it’s ready to go May 8th.

Marv: Ok, how come it was pushed back so many times?

Bobby: We just wanted to make sure we picked the right single. We wanted to make sure that the single was in a good chart position. Whenever you put out an album, you want to make sure the single is at a good chart position so that people will know the album is out. If it’s not at a good chart position, people won’t know that it’s out and they won’t go buy it. So that’s what we did, you know, so by the time the album comes out, “Anonymous” should be like top 5, if not number 1 by the time the album comes out.

Marv: Ok cool. I understand you’re trying to bring back the “Real R&B”. What is your definition of “Real R&B” exactly?

Bobby: You know, actually today it’s kinda hard really to bring back “Real R&B”. I mean, I think the people are kinda brainwashed with what the radio plays. Um, so if you get in depth with an album… I think on my album it’s like real R&B music and the definition of that to me is there’s a lot of live instrumentation and it’s music for your soul, and it’s like music you can really feel, and it’s music that you can like pick up in ten years and the album still sounds great. Like, you know, you can pick up a Jodeci album today and it sounds like all those songs have just come out now. You know what I’m saying, so you know, that’s what my albums are about. I want to make classic albums, and that’s what my first album is, and that’s what this album is. You know, I’m not really focused on the sales. It’s great to sell 2 million or 3 million, but it’s also great to make that album that people, you know, really appreciate and love in the years to come.

Ok, I know you worked with a lot of different producers on this album, but are there any that you haven’t worked with that you would like to work with in the future?

Um, I wouldn’t mind working with like R. Kelly or Pharrell, they’re on my list, but you know with this album I definitely got a chance to work with all the people that I really wanted to work with, you know. DTP made that happen for me and you know I’m really happy about that, so I pretty much worked with everybody I wanted to work with.

Marv: Ok, that’s cool. Um, if it wasn’t for Poon Daddy where do you think your career would be today?

Bobby: I would probably be just getting a deal if it wasn’t for Poon Daddy.

Marv: Ok, I actually, I know you’re launching some Bobby V jeans, is that a complete clothing line or is it just jeans?

Bobby: Well, I’m gonna start out with just jeans….[ my other line beeping, SMH at a fellow Bossip Staffee calling me during the interview] and probably expand after that…

Marv: So, how have the ladies been treating you since your debut album and have your relationships changed since then or …?

Umm, it has been easier…I never been like a lame cat where I couldn’t get women, by me being on TV has made it easier for relationships…but it makes it harder for me to have relationships because there’s such a variety of women that it’s kinda hard to you know be with just one…

Marv: And with that said I have a couple of hypothetical hook-ups for you. Would you rather hook-up with Rihanna or Amerie?

Bobby: Amerie

Marv: Amerie, good choice. And if you were to choose any two celebs to be in a threesome with who would you choose?

Beyonce and Amerie [Beeping phone again]

Marv: I’m Sorry…

Bobby: Beyonce and Amerie

Beyonce and Amerie, ok. Now I have, um, a few questions from our viewers, um, we took a poll and got some questions rounded up for you from them, Ok?

Bobby: Ok.

Alright, they wanna know how it felt to be an American Idol reject and can you explain your views on the success of the idol rejects?

Being an American Idol reject…I guess, um, me being an American Idol reject, you know, was a great experience for me. I had a lot of fun doing it. It was the first season they ever had it.

Marv: Right.

Bobby: I didn’t really want to do it, but my mom and my sister they made me do it, so I was really doing it for them. I knew I really wasn’t gonna make it. That was the toughest thing, you know. I don’t know, I kinda knew I wasn’t gonna make it. But you know everything worked out for the best and um …did I answer the question?

Marv: Yes. Hello, can you hear me? You went out for a second.

Bobby: Yeah, I can hear you…

Ok. Alright, um, a lot of the viewers…this was a main question from most of them regarding a comment that you allegedly made regarding light-skinned women vs. dark-skinned women and mixed women being easier to pursue sexually. Can you elaborate on that or if that was a real statement, or can you…?

Bobby: I don’t even remember making that comment and I think people have a um, you know…I don’t even remember making that comment. What was the comment that they said I made?

Marv: They said that you said that women were…mixed women were easier to pursue sexually, and that dark-skinned women were saying that they had too much
respect for themselves to sleep with you on the first night…some…something to that regard.

Bobby: Oh. I think somebody misunderstood what I said, but um, I think that I have to think about this before I say something I don’t want to say the wrong thing…sometimes I forget that people really listen to what I say now and I got a big mouth and I have to really…

Marv: Oh, you gotta hold your tongue sometimes?

Bobby: I really don’t think that skin tone really matters, you know, on how fast a woman gives it up. I think it’s about a woman’s up-bringing and I also think it’s about really how a woman is feeling inside, you know sometimes a woman will make you wait and the next date give it up on the same night, so I don’t really think it’s about skin tone. I just think it’s about how a woman is feeling at that time of her life and that day.

Marv: Ok. And actually I just have one more question from the viewers and that would be what kind of hair texturizer do you use?

Bobby: It’s all natural.

Marv: All natural. You don’t have any special haircare products you use or anything like that?

Bobby: If I had to use a hair texturizer I would just wear a bald haircut.

Marv: I’m sorry…

Bobby: If I had to use a texturizer I would just wear a bald haircut.

Right. Ok, I got you. They were just some popular questions that we had.

Bobby: I understand that. I know that a lot of people think I use the S-curl or something, but I don’t have to do that I use water…I put water in my hair and it just curls up.

Marv: It just curls up…

Bobby: Yup.

Ok, what’s the next single we should be looking out for from your album?

Bobby: It’s called, um, it’s called Rear View.

Marv: Rear View?

Bobby: Yup

Marv: Is that concerning the buttocks of a woman?

Bobby: Nah. I think I’ve talked enough about a woman’s rear end now.

Marv: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say, there’s a lot of “bottom talk” in your songs.

Bobby: But I do love a woman’s…I love booties.

You love booties?

Bobby: Women only, though, women only. A lot of R&B singers don’t like women. They’re fooling a lot of ya’ll.

Marv: Which ones?

Bobby: A lot of them. You tell me you know who they are.

Marv: You probably know them better than I do.

Bobby: No I don’t, I don’t hang with those guys.

Marv: Oh, ok.

Bobby: A couple of them are cool, but….a lot of them, I don’t think they like women.

Marv: There are a lot of them out there.

Bobby: Yes.

Marv: Well that’s pretty much it for my questions…did you want to add anything else?

Bobby: No. You did very well, I liked your questions.

Marv: I’m sorry…

Bobby: I said I liked all your questions, they were good, they weren’t the typical questions. I appreciate you for asking about the single…

Marv: Thank you. Well that’s what I was going for, I’m not the typical type of interviewer so I’m glad you enjoyed my questions and it was a pleasure speaking with you.

Bobby: Thank you. Same here.

Marv: Ok, you take care and good luck with your album and everything.

Bobby: Thank you.

Marv: You’re welcome.



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