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VH1 presents its’ newest display of buffonery tonight. “Miss Rap Supreme” will features stank and unstable heffahs such as Khia and “Nicky2States”. Yo Yo and MC Serch are the ringleaders of this side show bullsh*t:

“The outstanding rapper from the first challenge, meaning the one who best ‘represents,’ is given the prized baseball cap that names her ‘Miss Representation.’

The show is also operating on a second front, which for want of a more polite term might be called ‘girlfights.’ Whether it’s spontaneous or not, several contestants spent a whole lot of time getting up in each other’s faces.”

We’d like to say to Vh1: “F**K YOU MOTHERF**KERS” for their continual minstrel show line up. This sh*t is pathetic. Step it up Vh1, and step into the 21st century while you’re at it, a**holes.


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  • checkoutmystatus

    Don’t act like ya’ll not gunna watch! lol.

  • *starlight*

    honestly iam gonna check it out i bet its crazy funny

  • bree

    actually it is on VH1 right now..miss ckc is hilarious

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    According to my encyclopedia reality shows like ‘Miss Rap Supreme’ warp people’s perception of black people as well as taint black history.


  • Suga Mo

    We know y MC Search and YoYo are doing this but what i dont understand is why these women would want to subject themselves to it.

  • Brooklyn Bombshell

    I’m tuning in. I’ll SMH with the rest of y’all, but I’ll still tune in. Just like all the nay sayers will do as well.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @cage…yeah they do!

  • 2oclock demon

    Black people watch these things!!! I have a dream…that one day certain black folks will learn the meaning of “self respect.” A very rare commodity in the community (that thing is), especially among the young ones.


    All the negative comments and posts is only going to give the show more light and add to their ratings

    it’s hilarious to me that Khia is on this show…Guess she never made it huh?

    Anyways I’ll be looking for posts on the show doubt if I’ll really watch it…

  • Deitre

    VH1 does not discriminate when it comes to people making fools of themselves. There are way more dumb white people than blacks on the show. Black people are just more sensitive about it. Check out VH1 blogs. You don’t see Becky and Lindsey complaining about how bad Rock of Love or the Bachelor makes them look. They already have there perceptions of black. They can see us acting a fool everyday in real life.

  • Natasha

    It is so tasteless of VH1 to continue to put out mess!

  • Black Velveteen

    Coonery at it finest. *sigh* SMDH

  • Wha ta bomb a clott!

    i’m right there! after watching flava, i aint changing channels .. monday nights just got interesting 🙂

  • Rambo

    This site is coonery at its finest….

    L.O.L at these hypocrites

  • t

    black folk and hip hop heads think that by being on vh1 we are finaly getting our just due…..folks please read in between the lines.

  • Roni

    As long as people watch, VH1 will put it out. It’s all about the money.

  • CURIOUS843

    I think the show is a great idea. The rap game for females does need attention. Of course theres gonna be beefing – that’s life – especially when you are competing. The show is not an insult to black people – nor is it bufoonery. It’s an opportunity to get put on – just like the show Girliscious – ANTM – and American Idol.

  • Wha ta bomb a clott!

    1) some female mcs want a chance to shine – they are about to get it? what’s wrong with that?

    2) some hoochie hoes wanted a chance to shine – flava gave them that chance to shine – what’s wrong with that?

    3) some telemundo speaking actors want a chance to act – viva hollywood is giving them that chance – what’s wrong with that?

    basically all the shows on vh1 are catered to certain people for the rest to merely watch – if offended, change the channel but one persons reality shouldn’t be termed ghetto or hood because you class yourself differently!

  • P

    Don’t blame VH1 for this. It’s the people who eat up the garbage from Flav, the music, the whole culture of ignorance, poor english, low intelligence and bad manners.

    We need to blame ourselves for this.

  • P

    Hell, I’d try to make a buck on it too if I was ina position to do so.


    PLEASE! You know your going to watch this crap! What the heck do you watch? The gospel channel every hour?! White, black, yellow, or brown, stop getting offended so much. Can’t you take it for what it is? ENTERTAINMENT!

  • BLee

    All I have to say to VH1’s line up is the line from the movie “A Soldier’s story”.

    “Gave him a crown, a cape and a tail and told him to run around eating bananas. Told those french gals that he was “Moonshine King of the Monkeys”!!

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