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The new Miss USA Crystle Stewart was photographed leaving ABC studios yesterday with that million dollar, Vaseline on the teeth beauty queen grin in full effect. Texas stand up!

Images via WENN

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  • Cornell

    2nd. She looks good

  • karen4rmTX

    Go Texas! She is a beauty!

  • Dimple Pink

    Ok she’s cute.

  • hmpf

    She’s not cute. She looks like a Man.

  • Mrssexcee1

    she is beautiful congrats girl

  • bamaluvbamaluv

    she sure do have a lot of teeth!!!

  • da darkness

    she’s ms usa, huh??? texan with the wide face. i don’t know. hey she black

  • da darkness

    she’s a winner so let it be

  • *starlight*

    you go girl support our black princess hopefully she is black!!!!

  • ugly nikki

    She is whack. Flav wouldn’t even choose her

  • Deitre

    She is beautiful and well spoken. Alot better than these hookers running around on tv today.

  • Lauren

    She looks way better in these pics, congrats 2 her! 🙂

  • Jessica

    She is so hot and pretty in this pic. My brother told me he saw her at the celeb site “million airecupid” .com last week. She has posted many great albums on her bio.

  • I'm Just Me

    She is very pretty. She looks really nice!

  • blackwoman

    what a pretty doll

  • Kamee'

    I can’t believe some of the comments critizing this woman. Why can’t OUR OWN PEOPLE be happy for one another when we advance?!?…….. just makes me sick. This is why we do sooooo poorly as a whole.

    Anyway do ya thang Crystle. You’re on your way boo. I’m sure she’ll get some major deals and future endorsements behind this one. Good Luck boo!

  • Tye tye

    she’s cute

  • blackwoman

    ugly nikki lol

    please girl she not ghetto looking and dumb acting like some of them low class flav of love girls on there. thats unclassy and tacky. have class. when a black woman is so pretty im going to say it. i up left not down somebody. thats whats wrong with alot of black girls now days i hate to say but its true you sit there and hate for no reason. you can fix your self up too. be femmie not ghetto. anywho the woman is pretty to me.

  • missdee

    She’s very pretty… some of yall need to stop the hate, it won’t make you look any better!

  • John


  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Saw her yesterday on the Today Show, she’s absolutely stunning. These pics don’t do her justice.

  • Don't mind me

    She has alot of make up on and weave so it makes her look like every one else to me. The smile looks practice


    This should be jusdge on natural beauty

  • Rotex

    She looks more natural in these pics.

  • beautiful b

    yes texas. lets stand up!!!

  • beautiful b

    pretty red in full effect.

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