Solemnly Swear: Aaron Hernandez’s Former Friend Says Ex-Baller Was Triggerman In Murderous Drive-By

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Aaron Hernandez Former Friend Testifies Against Him In Murder Trial

Despite the fact that all signs point to Aaron Hernandez being a raging murderer several times over, he continues to fight for the freedom that he’ll likely never get ever again.

According CBS Boston, Alexander Bradley testified today that Hernandez was the one who fired the 5 shots that killed 2 men as they left a Boston bar.

Bradley claims the victims had accidentally spilled a drink on Hernandez and were not apologetic enough for Aaron’s liking.

Bradley has been granted immunity in the case in exchange for his testimony, but that immunity is bittersweet considering that he’s already lost an eye when Hernandez shot him in the head at point-blank range out of fear he might snitch about the shooting.

“He acted in a demeanor like a tough guy all the time, is the way I would explain it,” Bradley told the court. “He didn’t really like people staring at him. He had a problem with things that most people don’t have a problem with.”

He goes on to say:

That’s when Bradley said Hernandez retrieved the gun from inside the hood of the SUV, placing it in the glove box. He said he drove as Hernandez told him to catch up to the BMW in which Abreu and Furtado were sitting.

He claimed he thought that, at most, Hernandez would just intimidate the men.

Nope. Apparently Aaron’s motto was “why intimidate when you can demonstrate?”

Instead, he said, Hernandez told him to roll down the window, shouted at the men, and fired five shots. After that, Bradley said the gun began clicking, and Hernandez told Bradley to drive off.

Bradley claimed Hernandez asked him during the ride after, “Did you see that?…I hit one in the head and one in the chest.”

Considering that both men are criminals, credibility isn’t exactly unblemished. But that said, based off what we know of Hernandez, it all seems probable from where we sit.

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