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Kenya Moore Blasts Phaedra Parks Over Their Divorce Party Beef

Kenya Moore’s still pissed at Phaedra Parks and she’s airing her out in her BravoTV blog.

As previously reported Phaedra was “disgusted” that the “trifling woman” who was texting her husband threw her a divorce party, and she blasted Kenya for not honoring the the “sacrament of marriage.”

Kenya then clapped back by calling her “ugly” for bringing back up the accusations ( that Apollo admitted weren’t true) and added that Phaedra was talking to Mr. Chocolate before Apollo went to prison.


Now Kenya’s continuing her rant and blasting Phaedra for being fake. According to Kenya she’s more worried about her “perception” than her reality. Were you surprised by Phaedra’s reaction to the divorce party?

KM: At this point, nothing should surprise me with Phaedra, but her reaction floored me and it stung. This is the woman who is constantly talking about God, forgiveness, restorations, and supporting one another. Only a few hours earlier we were playing tennis laughing about how she can meet new guys and how we both thought the Rock was so fine…then became so offended that I threw her and Cynthia a divorce party citing some irrelevant situation we both moved on from. Clearly her husband lied on me and that was well over two years ago. She chose to get married and she chose to get divorced. This woman is focused more on the perception people have of her than living her reality.

She also added that Phaedra’s been the mastermind behinds several nasty rumors about her and added that she’s “no one’s friend.” Did the argument with Phaedra ruin your friendship?

KM: The truth is, I have forgiven Phaedra for trying to destroy me years ago. She single handedly started rumors that I was an alcoholic, bipolar, that I paid Walter to be my boyfriend, that I was a whore, made fun of my fertility issues stating I had scrambled eggs and the fact that I didn’t have a husband, to name a few. She is relentless with her attempts to obliterate any semblance of dignity or reputation I had. Yet, I forgave her and asked that she did the same with me. With that said, Phaedra is no one’s friend. If you can’t be a friend to anyone, you can’t ruin a friendship that never was.”

What do YOU think about Phaedra and Kenya ending their short-lived friendship???

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