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So here we are, folks. It’s time to talk about the midseason finale (that’s right, the season didn’t come to a complete end this time around). Still, as with all finales, things have to reach a climax, and they certainly do — as does Mary Jane with Justin’s help (literally). Check out all the tea from the Being Mary Jane midseason finale and tune back in to the second half of the series when it returns July 18.

You know things are about to go left when someone is sitting with their man but thinking about another man. That’s exactly what is going on when the mid-season finale starts. While brainstorming plans for Mary Jane’s 40th birthday with Kara, Lee makes a poor cake recommendation and remarks that “I’m obviously out of my league” with such a suggestion (it was chocolate cake with white icing by the way). At that very moment, Justin walks into the room via a daydream and says to MJ, “He said it, not me.” She freezes for a moment before remembering where she’s at, and who she’s with.


Adrienne Talks About Moment She Knew Her Relationship With Lenny Wasn’t Right

The women of “The Real” are living up to the name of their show with this week’s topics of discussion. Earlier this week, Loni opened up about her miscarriage and now, Adrienne is speaking about the reason she called off her engagement to Lenny Santiago.

Tamera: “When did you know, because I think a woman always knows this, when did you know that it wasn’t right? But then you kept on in the relationship?”

Adrienne: “I think I knew when I moved across the country and we didn’t need each other in that way. And I think at some point it almost… can become almost a saving grace, like ‘Let’s try… Maybe if we do this…’
Does that make sense?”

If I’m being honest, it’s a little unclear. But if you watch the video, you can tell that Adrienne was doing her best to be as tactful and un-offending as possible. And while the second half got a little muddled for me, the first part was pretty clear. It seems that they thought their problem was distance. And then when they were in the same place together, they still found that the relationship wasn’t exactly right.


Sarah Palin Fried Online For Shot At Colin Kaepernick’s Meals On Wheels Donation

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and past Vice Presidential candidate, has entered the media fray once more but perhaps not in the way she probably appreciates. Palin took a swipe at NFL player Colin Kaepernick‘s recent Meals On Wheels donation and people on social media have been giving her the business.
Over on Sarah Palin’s website, which we won’t be linking to, she posted a link to an article by Mary Kate Knorr that labeled Kaepernick’s $50,000 donation to the meal delivery service a publicity stunt. Under President Donald Trump’s potential budget, the program could the federal grant it receives which makes up a significant portion of its operations budget.
Over on Palin’s Facebook page and Twitter, which again we won’t be linking, she took another jab at the current free agent quarterback writing, “And he wonders why he can’t find a job.”
Of course, Kaepernick is an enemy of conservatives and ultra-patriots over his refusal to stand for the National Anthem ahead of football games last season. The bold stance hasn’t just been criticized by those on the Right as liberals and others in the middle have taken shots at Kap as well.
Palin’s digs didn’t go unnoticed and naturally, Twitter has been frying the former beauty queen since her unnecessary commentary. We’ve collected some of the best below and on the following pages.


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