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Mel B And Stephen Belafonte Take Kids To Family Therapy

Even though they’ve each been spotted out and about still rocking their wedding rings after news of their divorce proceedings went public…Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are still pressing forward with their plans to split — for now, anyway.

The couple took a big step toward being more amicable on Wednesday, according to TMZ. They, along with their four children, took a trip to the psychiatrist for a family therapy session.

However Mel and Stephen took separate cars to the therapist’s office, while their four daughters, ages 5, 9, 12 and 18, arrived in a third car with the family nanny.

Sources say that despite their anger and mountain of differences between them, Stephen and Mel really want to make sure their kids are okay with the transition in their lives. This is apparently the first time the two of them have been able to be in the same room in a cordial fashion for some time. Sources also confirm that up to this point in their split, a session like this would have been damn near impossible.

Well at least they’re being mature about it! They were very buddy-buddy just a month ago…so perhaps with this new time they’re spending together they’ll be able to reconcile their differences and either move on peacefully OR come to enough common ground to work through it all.



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