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Could You Have An “Open Relationship?”

“Open Relationships” and polyamorous living are becoming less and less taboo nowadays.

On top of that, “accepted” cheating seems to be EXTREMELY rampant out here. So, since so many people are out here sharing boyfriends/girlfriends (and sometimes husbands/wives) anyway, just with much more drama and heartache…could open relationships be a fair option to explore?

More and more people seem less willing to commit to one person and more open to scratching that itch with whomever they have eyes for, when the mood strikes — and even extending the same courtesy to their partner. A recent Reddit discussion forum delved into the practice, and users discussed everything from setting ground rules, to best practices…to openness gone wrong.

One user said it’s all about checking in constantly and setting fair rules for both parties to operate by. As long as everyone is reaping the benefits of the agreement, and everything’s out in the open, it should be okay:

However, another user noted that things can get complicated regardless of how many rules you set. The more people you factor into your relationship — in whatever capacity — the more drama you open yourself up to.

And in the worst cases…you may be opening yourself up to getting replaced in the long term:

But some couples say this system really works for them. SOOOOO, is this something you’ve tried or are interested in giving a spin? Is this any better or worse than constantly taking back a partner who repeatedly steps out on the relationship…or turning a blind eye to blatant shenanigans?

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