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Lawmakers Just Voted To Undo Internet Privacy Rules

The Senate just voted to undo do landmark rules in place to keep our internet privacy, according to the Washington Post. In a 48 to 50 vote this week,  Senate wants to allow internet providers to access personal information from customers to sell to advertisers. The next step is to get the bill through the house.

The old privacy law under the FCC, prohibits providers from abusing the data they gather on their customers as they browse the Web on cellphones and computers. With this bill passed, providers would be able to compete with large internet companies that thrive off of advertisers, like google and Facebook. They would sell the web history and other details to companies, in order to place personalized ads for the individual they’re targeting.

So in other words, if you like to visit Pornhub on the regular, get ready for some freaky pop-up ads if this bill is passed, SMH. Just keeping everyone informed.

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