Ain’t Over: Shamea Blasts ‘Devil’ Phaedra For Starting Those Lesbihonest Kandi Rumors

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RHOA shade files….

Shamea Morton Blasts Phaedra Parks

If you thought Shamea Morton’s issues with Phaedra Parks were over, you thought wrong. As previously reported Shamea was pissed when her “best friend” Porsha  seemingly agreed with Phaedra that she and Kandi were in a secret lesbian/Todd Tucker threesome relationship because Shamea “f***s everybody’s husband.”

Following that Shamea shut Phaedra down with claims that Apollo Nida tried to hit on her and alleged that Phaedra was known in Atlanta for her freaky sex skills.

Now after taping the RHOA reunion, Shamea’s got more on her mind. According to her, she was shocked when Phaedra made the Kandi lesbian claims—but luckily her fiancé Gerald Mwangi didn’t take it too seriously.

She tells Bravo’s The Daily Dish:

“I played it back several times, but when I first saw it, my mouth just dropped open, I was like, ‘Oh my God.'””I was watching it with my fiancé actually, and he just burst out laughing.”

She also added that shady Phae Phae’s a “devil in a dress…

“They always say when you’re doing really well, your name is going to come up. When they’re not talking about you, that’s when you should worry. Half of those things and the person that kind of put them out there, she’s the devil in a dress,” Shamea said. “So I always knew that. So when those things came out, I wasn’t too shocked.”

and her “chubby a**” took it too far. “I tolerated Phaedra,” said Shamea.

“I was cordial to Phaedra because of Porsha even last season in Miami, I tolerated Phaedra just because of Porsha’s new friendship with her,” Shamea explained. “But now, after her making those types of accusations, she just went too far with her chubby a**.”


Several people are reporting that Phaedra will be left with egg on her face during the RHOA Reunion when her numerous lies are exposed….

and it also might mark the end of her “Frick & Frack” friendship with Porsha.

Hit the flip for more of Shamea’s thoughts on this season of RHOA.


Shamea says the silver lining this season was how much closer she got to Kandi.


“We have been able to lean on each other through this ordeal,” Shamea told She tells Bravo’s The Daily Dish: “I think we were able to vent to each other because we were both put in the hot seat and betrayed by people we once called friends.”

“This season was definitely an eye opener for me, to say the least. I just could never [have] predicted some of the things that went on,” she said. “I had some highs and lows this season, I had some exciting moments with me getting engaged and Kandi throwing me a surprise engagement party, and then I’ve had lows, like not having my best friend Porsha show up at the engagement party and things just kind of down spiraling from there. It’s been an emotional roller coaster.”


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