iLoveMakonnen Responds To Migos’ Gay Criticism – “They Shout Out Versace…He’s The Gayest”

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iLoveMakonnen Talks Migos’ Gay Comments

iLoveMakonnen is speaking out on the Migos’ apparent issue with all the support he’s received since stating the obvious coming out of the closet a few months ago. Makonnen sat down with The Fader and opened up on how he felt about the Migos’ comments.

When asked about what Migos had to say about his coming out, Makonnen says their viewpoints clearly differ:

[They said] some comments like, “World’s f*cked up.” My world, that I was living in, was f*cked up for me. That’s all I can say to clear those comments up like that. My world. The world itself is a beautiful place. It’s a natural habitat where people can live at.

He also spoke on the Migos indicating that he couldn’t rap/sing about trappiness, since he’s gay and all. Apparently, gayness and drug merchandising don’t mix…

If we look back at the track record, I thought it was “my friend Makonnen teaching me how to whip it.” I thought he was “my friend.” But you see how friends do in interviews. So it’s like, Oh well. With friends like these, who needs enemies. And now you gotta come back with some sorry a** excuse. Nah. That’s only cause you got the #1 record and you didn’t wanna f*ck it up.

But overall, he doesn’t think that Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have any problems with gay people…judging by their subject matter:

Hell nah, they ain’t got no problem with gay people! They fuckin’ song is “Versace”! Like, the fuck! Nigga, [Gianni] Versace is the gayest nigga. They ain’t got issues with him, why they got issues with me?

To be fair (we guess?), Migos seemed to be shouting out the BRAND moreso than Gianni Versace himself. But hey Makonnen, whatever you say.

What do you think of Makonnen’s clapback?


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