Erica Dixon Says She Was Harassed Before Her Arrest

Rumor Control: Erica Dixon Says She Was Harassed Before Her Arrest

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Reality TV rumor control…

Erica Dixon Says She Was Harassed Before Her Arrest

Remember when we told you that Erica Dixon was recently arrested in Atlanta for disorderly conduct and taken to a nearby detention center where she was cited and released?

Well the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star spoke with Streetz 94.5 midday host Jazzy McBee about her encounter with authorities that she says equates to harassment.

According to Erica during the initial traffic stop, the officer immediately recognized her name and it was downhill after that.

“He stopped me he said I was speeding. ‘Okay fine, write me my speeding ticket. I give him my license and he says, “Ms. Dixon!” […] So he says, ‘Step out the car so we can talk.”

Erica then said she questioned why needed to exit her vehicle and the officer got aggressive.

“Ma’am get out the car!”,” Erica says the officer told her. “Okay, so I get out the car. […] 10 minutes go by and start to see people recording. So I’m like, ‘At this point I feel like you’re harassing me. Can you please call your captain? ‘And he was like, “I ain’t calling no got dang body.”

After making her wait outside his vehicle for several minutes, Erica then says the officer gave her back her license but warned her not to leave.

“So he comes back, ‘You got a ticket for speeding.’ Fine. He gives me my license and gives me my ticket. Then he says, “If you drive off, you’re going to jail.”

She then says the officer tried to give her a sobriety test but she refused and pulled around to a pump at the gas station because she wanted to get out to use the bathroom.

“I get back in my car, I pull around to the gas station. I pull up to the pump, I’m like ‘I have to use the bathroom.’ So I pulled around and before I knew it he was back at my window, banging on the window. ‘Get out the car you’re going to jail.'”

That’s when she says the officer called for backup and how the video of her getting arrested surfaced.

Poor Erica!

Why would the officer give her back her license and the ticket but still tell her not to leave???

Do YOU think she was harassed???

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