Not Just Nia: A Gallery Of Celebs Who Are Nightmares To Work With

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Celebrities Who Feuded On Set

The rumor coming out of Empire filming is that Nia Long is impossible to work with because she’s an absolute diva. While it’s been quite a surprise that she’s like that, she’s not at all the first person who’s made enemies on set for being a pain.

So let’s take a look at some other people who were horrible to work with.

Stacey Dash – She basically got kicked off of Single Ladies because everyone hated her. Go figure.

Kanye West – He was allegedly a diva on the set of Anchorman 2…of course he was.

LL Cool J and Jaimie Foxx – It’s hard to tell who was the difficult one here but we do know that LL knocked Foxx out on the set of Any Given Sunday.

Wesley Snipes – He had a nasty spat with his director of Blade: Trinity and even sued after it was all said and done.

Nicki Minaj – She was allegedly hard to work with as a judge and even feuded with…

Mariah Carey Instagram

Mariah Carey – She’s the queen diva and has always been hard to deal with according to people who have worked with her.

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Vin Diesel – The Rock criticized him for his attitude on the set and things are pretty sour.

James Franco – Tyrese hated him when they worked together on Annapolis, saying Franco was actually tossing real punches.

Gwyneth Paltrow – She’s notoriously hard to work with, with peers wanting nothing to do with her. ScarJo even wanted the fade.

Jennifer Lopez – She’s also notoriously difficult with lots of demands and an attitude.

Naomi Campbell

Isaiah Washington – He beat up a costar and used gay slurs so…yeah.

Lindsay Lohan – She’s had a hard time getting anywhere on time

Megan Fox – She got straight up fired from Transformers for her relationship with Michael Bay

Christian Bale – He’s known for yelling and screaming at costars

Jennifer Aniston – She’s a bit of a cold person on set


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