Reality Show Leaves Contestants Stranded In The Wilderness For A Year, Doesn’t Tell Them Show Is Cancelled

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Reality Show Leaves Contestants Stranded After Cancellation

A UK reality show’s contestants have just reentered civilization after a year secluded in the wilderness as part of a social experiment. The only issue? The show got canceled after only a few weeks on air, and the contestants have just been out there struggling without any idea of the fact that it was “just for fun” now.

‘Eden’ was a reality show on UK Channel that was originally supposed to chronicle the day-to-day life of 23 strangers attempting to build a new society from the ground up — build shelters, work out food situations, etc. — in a closed off spot in the wilderness of Scottland.

The show failed pretty quickly. According to E! online, it was canceled after ratings dropped to less than million viewers by the fourth episode. On top of that, contestants left in droves, complaining of being too hungry or getting bullied by other players.

The last 10 left just returned from their useless year-long experiment yesterday, finding out about Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidential win for the first time. No word on what the grand prize for their wasted year in the woods is supposed to be, but producers plan to attempt to share the footage from the last year at some point later in the year.

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