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Beyoncé’s Shady Father Allegedly Owes Law Firm $50,000

In water is wet news — Mathew Knowles is in debt yet again and accused of not even attempting to pay up DESPITE recently selling a gang of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child memorabilia in a Superbowl weekend auction.

According to DailyMail reports, Knowles allegedly hired Lang Ferrer Law in November last year to represent him and his company, Music World Properties and now the firm has filed suit after he failed to pay them for their services.

Lang Ferrer Law claims Knowles deliberately ducked out on paying them after they rendered services worth $49,120.35, in what they describe as: ‘part of a ruse to secure free legal services’.

Further, the suit accuses Knowles of holding a secret auction over Super Bowl weekend in Houston this year, where he sold off memorabilia and other items from his time managing Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.

A lawyer for the firm says they sent Knowles a letter on February 3 ahead of the sale, expressing their hope that proceeds would go toward payment of his outstanding debt to the legal business:

‘Presumably you are liquidating these items to pay debts, including the amounts due to our client.’

‘To the extent you may be disposing of these and other assets to avoid your debts and legal obligations, however, we will consider the sale of such items to be fraudulent transfers and will seek all available remedies for same in the event our client’s invoices are not paid as demanded.’

The letter continued on to demand ‘immediate payment’ of the nearly-$50,000 bill.

Welp… Seems like this law firm may have to get in line with all the baby mamas looking for Matty to pay what he owes. He may not be bootylicious like Bey but he sure knows how to shake some bills.



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