Man Hit With Hate Crime Charges After Pulling Knife On 2 Black Men, Threatening To “Kill A N***** Tonight”

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Man Threatens 2 Black Men With Mafia Hits, Knife

Ian Rubin left New York for Florida after his girlfriend died in the 9/11 terror attacks at the World Trade Center according to his profile on crowd-funding site Give Forward. Apparently, his brush with terror didn’t stop him from levying threats of his own.

According to NY Daily News reports, Rubin’s return to New York turned especially dubious on February 19th and 20th when he allegedly “threatened two people with a knife, saying he’s going to kill a n****r tonight,” according to Assistant District Attorney India Sneed.

“I did time in the penitentiary, you are going to die today,” Rubin allegedly said to one of the men at 230 Duffield St., according to the criminal complaint.

Rubin allegedly told detectives that the “heroin addicts on the fifth floor are plotting against” him, according to the newly released statements.

He also claimed he was once “a hitman for the Mafia and that the Mafia likes to kill and lynch n—–s, and (Rubin) would have the Mafia chop up (the victims),” according to court documents.

Rubin is currently being held on Riker’s Island on $2,500 cash bail after being indicted on misdemeanor charges.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun denied attorney George Cooke’s request to lower Rubin’s bail. Cooke entered a not guilty plea on Rubin’s behalf.

If convicted, he could serve a one-year term behind bars.

This guy sounds all the way off, but the climate these days is so racially charged. So much hate in the air. A year seems a little lenient to us. What do you think?

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