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  • Brie

    lol- wow to these

  • Cage

    I can see that ass from the front….

  • Binjie

    Well it is very sloppy and fake looking. Time for some new implants.

  • bree

    omg! wow!

  • Binjie

    For the record, my comment was directed towards Kim K. The picture of her mysteriously disappeared and was replaced with Lola Luv

  • LarryLove

    This chick look nasty. I know y’all can do better than that

  • that one girl

    She is such a pretty girl. Why did she do that 2 her body? And she’s african so I know she’s smart. I guess like kanye said, the prettiest people do the ugliest things.

    @ Yes.We.Can.America.2008!

    LMAO!!!!!!!! Yeah, she’s worse than kim k..

  • ms braided beauty the real one

    Cage you are right… what booty hangs over from the front like that.. LOL!!! for sure!!!!!

  • T-Real

    This is fake if I’ve ever seen fake before. They know beta den dis.

  • amber86

    She looks very akward!!

  • Boomboomroom

    Couldn’t she have pumped her ass up with a stairmaster????

  • swoosh

    she’s a pretty girl she didn’t have to do that to get attention

  • elle

    a very strange looking photo 😦

  • Shia

    “And she’s african so I know she’s smart.”

    You obviously have never heard this girl speak!

    When you hear her talk you immediately know why she opted to be a video hoe!She’s gorgeous, but that’s sadly where it ends!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Whomever photochopped that pic is a very special person…

  • valenne

    i think she is really pretty but…

    anyways, i guess it’s her b oedy she can add fuel if she wants lol


    Angel looks like she has hip dysplasia.



  • Lauren

    That is so photoshopped, she looks like a cartoon, shes a pretty girl though, they didn’t even have to do her like that…

  • Rotex

    Hey lauren how u doin baby girl!

    This girl is so fine facially, but that body, and the pics she takes aint doin it for me, she dont need to do all that. And if only the bum was smaller. Anyway i dont want to look too much.

  • Lauren

    @ Rotex, hola sir, I’m good thank you very much! HOw are you?

  • Madam"O"

    The shot and the woman is distorted.

  • Lili

    lmao. She could’ve gotten by with her face alone…she really deformed her body.

  • Earth Sign

    she got hips to die for.

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    It does not look real to me…but if it is,

    GOOD GRACIOUS she has such a small frame to have all of that…

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