Blade and His IRS Issues Continue

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It’s time for Wesley Snipes to pay up:

Prosecutors are recommending a three-year prison sentence for Wesley Snipes for tax evasion, according to a court filing released – appropriately – on Tuesday, tax day. Per the papers, filed by U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill, the actor also ought to pay a $5 million fine for his “brazen defiance” of tax laws that cheated the government out of $41 million.

“This case cries out for the statutory maximum term of imprisonment, as well as a substantial fine, because of the seriousness of defendant Snipes’ crimes and because of the singular opportunity this case presents to deter tax crime nationwide,” the attorney writes.

The documents also claim that Wesley and two cohorts “brazenly waged a campaign” against the Internal Revenue Service by mailing fake claims and filings to the agency, in addition to making “frivolous” Freedom of Information Act requests for IRS records.

Tsk, tsk at him thinking he could get away with ganking the IRS of all those stacks upon stacks. Dumbass.


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  • Lovely One

    He should know the law likes to make examples of certain people. SMH Oh well.

  • Lovely One

    You know what…NEVERMIND, cheating the government out of $41 mil is just RECKLESS!

  • I'm Just Me


  • Dimple Pink

    @ I’m just me

    Nope they don’t!

  • Southern Belle 225

    now, how is he that dang black and don’t know not to mess with Uncle Sam?! SMH…they are going to make and example out of his ass with NO VASCELINE!! 😦

  • Lauren

    Wesley betta man up, they aint sendin him to no sweet ass Martha Stewart Prison….SMDH!

  • Lauren

    @ Southern Belle, girl you cuttin wesley real deep ! lol (no pun intended)

  • Let's have facts, people!

    That picture! Goddamn! Ha ha ha ha!

  • iluvprada

    Now this is a damn shame!

  • Lauren

    lol bertha!

  • bree

    huh? i’m lost..what was the trial about? did they not settle this then? is he trying to cheat the irs again? i thought this was settled..

    LOL@ SnOOP

    Cheryl Underwoods twin brother..LMFAO!

  • Earth Sign

    People. Income tax is considered ILLEGAL, we only pay cause we are stupid and not enough people dont take a stand. He aint getting no time, if he does it will only be for filling a fake return. That was dumb. He got off already for not filing. But there is no law that can be found that says we have to pay INCOME TAX. look it up

  • 100%

    Fucc da IRS!

  • Howbad

    You would think with all the chinese women he was fuggin one of them would have helped him count his doe.just a thought.lmao

    It was just a joke …

  • Caliwoman

    Man all I know is they lock people up for not payin taxes. Look at that Mob guy.

  • and another one...

    Leave Nino alone, he’s gangsta’d the IRS and they firing right back..

  • Howbad

    Side note wtf is up with lola loves pic on the main page .something looks off.I’m starting to think her ass is real it’s just retarded.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    We know your money is hidden there anyway!

  • blackwoman

    lol @its 6am

    Wesley awwww bye bye. on his movies blade he be looking so good in that i aint gone front lol he got a body on him. i think he handsome. anywho im off.

  • wwJCdo

    What goes around comes around Nino Brown, Blade runner. snipe this, he’s going down, str8 no chaser, and I don’t feel sorry for him. Bree is right LOL Cheryl Underwood!!, All he needs is her purse and a drink!!! LOL



  • Narkotic5 Anonymou5

    That’s what his bum ass gets acting like he was gonna go hard against I–R–S…that’s a delusional dude…

    I wonder if they got my man Mr. Biggs taking requests, serenading the prisoners with classics such as “Voyage to Atlantis”

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