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Middle School Teacher Fired For Asking Students If They’re Comfortable Around Blacks And Arabs

A middle school teacher in Hernando County, FL thought it was appropriate to give students an assignment where they would distinguish whether or not they were comfortable around Blacks, gays, and Arabs according to WBTV. The assignment, for a “Leader In Me” class, asked 6th graders to circle their comfort level when in certain situations….the “situations” were inclusive of the following:

1. Being approached by a “group of black men on the street”
2. Finding out the new church pastor is a woman
3. Sitting on the plane next to an “Arab”
4. A friend invites you to a gay bar

Seriously…these were questions asked of 12-year-old children and of course, their parents were pretty pissed off!

“‘How comfy are you if you see a group of black men walking to you on the street?’ That’s completely inappropriate. In no world, whatsoever, is that OK to question a child on,” said Jennifer Block, mother of a 12-year-old girl who was given the assignment.

Not only were the parents disgusted, but the students themselves were upset and surprised that a teacher would give them this type of schoolwork…

“I thought it was very inappropriate. I thought some of them were racist. I thought some of them were sexist. I thought it was completely intolerable,” said Tori Drews, a 6th grader. “There were children that were saying this is wrong. ‘Why are we doing this?’ ‘Does this have a reason?’ She was going yeah this is kind of wrong … maybe I should take it back,” Drews said. “Kids were asking if they could share it with their parents. She was like, ‘No. Don’t show your mom. Don’t take that home. I’m taking it back up,’.”

Clearly, the teacher knew this ish was wrong if she told the kids that they couldn’t show their parents, SMH. Thankfully the school officials fired her immediately…do not pass go, do not collect $200.

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