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Caitlyn Jenner’s Tell-All Makes Explosive Claims About Kardashian-OJ Relationship

WOW! Talk about some cold-blooded revenge!

RadarOnline has obtained Caitlyn Jenner’s new tell-all book, Secrets Of My Life, and boy, oh boy are there some dirty secrets in there.

Let ol’ Caity-Cait tell it, Robert Kardashian knew that O.J. Simpson was guilty of killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman:

“I would’ve been okay with it if they had gotten him in the first trial,” Caitlyn, now 67, claims Robert told her. (O.J. was found guilty of manslaughter in a 1998 civil trial.)

“The implication was obvious that he believed O.J. was guilty,” she continues.

Kris Jenner was BFF’s with Nicole so the trial obviously created a rift in the Kardashian household as Robert went to bat for his playa partna’. Then-Bruce was NOT a fan:

“He was the most narcissistic, egocentric, neediest a**hole in the world of sports I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of them,” the Olympic gold medalist writes in the much anticipated tell-all tome.

“I believe he got away with two savage murders,” she later admits, adding that while Kris was on Team Nicole, her young daughters Kourtney and Kim took their father’s side on Team O.J.!

Caitlyn recounts Kourtney cheering for The Juice when he was found not guilty of the charges. She says she had to reel the youngster back in and forbid O.J.’s name to be spoken around the house.

In another chilling claim, Caitlyn declares she believes Robert may have been motivated to represent O.J. due to jealousy, and that Kris had moved on from their marriage to successful male athlete Bruce.

“I wonder if it was his way of saying to her what I think she was saying to him when she married me: a big f*** you,” Caitlyn writes.

Sounds messy. Just like the Kardashian/Jenner family likes it…

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