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Blac Chyna Reportedly Aiming To Get Back With Tyga

Since that whole “become a Kardashian via Rob” thing didn’t quite pan out…it’s on to Plan B for Blac Chyna!

Now that Chyna and Rob are done for good and Kylie and Tyga have broken up again…Chyna may have spotted her next revenge plot.

As a source who’s in the know tells RadarOnline, Chyna is still using her goodies to get revenge on the Kardashian coven for wrecking her engagement to Tyga with their underaged-at-the-time youngest sister Kylie. Her plan? To take back what was originally hers once and for all…

“Chyna wants Tyga back for more than one reason. She’s never really gotten over him and she gets ‘two for one revenge hits’ — on Kylie and Rob.”

Seems odd, especially since she swore Rob and Tyga were getting extra buddy-buddy and teaming up against her just a week or so ago…

“Blac’s using King Cairo to get more time with Tyga and she’s working her magic on him. She’s the only one who understands how to please him and she’s already lured Tyga away from Kylie several times.”

Jeez. Granted, we don’t know how true this is…but you would think after the crash and burn that was her last “lesson” to the K-klan, she might leave well enough alone…




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