Sheriff David Clarke, Says Voting Democrat Is Destroying Black Family

Trump Boot-Licker, Sheriff David A. Clarke, Says Voting Democrat Is Destroying Black Families

- By Bossip Staff

David Clark Says It’s Time For Black Democrats To Call Out ‘Poor’ Blacks

In an interview with WND, black Sheriff, David Clarke said he believes it is no coincidence the most dangerous cities in America are all led politically by Democrats. The conservative cowboy says that the Democratic party actually prays on the the issues of the black community by keeping them at large, pigeon holding us in a constant state of poverty. He insists that lack of engaged black fathers is the key to why our community is crumbling.

“My family wasn’t perfect, but I was born into a two-parent family and had an engaged dad. I had a dad who kept me on the straight and narrow. He instilled a sense of respect for authority and a sense of taking responsibility for my actions. He provided love when I needed it, but he also provided discipline when I needed it too,” Clarke said. “You look at some of the news stories, kids really – you are talking about 14- and 15-year-olds – involved in some serious violent crime. The common denominator with the overwhelming majority of those kids is no involved dad.

“When dads were taken out of the picture during the Great Society, with Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and the ‘War on Poverty,’ it resulted in a declaration of war on the black family because it marginalized black men and separated them from their children,” he said.

“Dads need to be around to help provide food, shelter, clothing, love, education – instead, Uncle Sam moved in and took its place. Uncle Sam became the provider of things like rent assistance, put food on the table, in terms of food stamps – there are more people on food stamps today than ever before. Uncle Sam might be good at some things, but Uncle Sam has been a horrible father.”


He also says that it is the responsibility of black community leaders, like Maxine Waters, to shame and condemn all of black people’s “poor’ life style choices.

“It is important within the black community for people like myself – people like Elijah Cummings, a congressman who represents Baltimore area, John Conyers, who represents the Detroit area, Maxine Waters, who represents the L.A. area where there is a significant ghetto – to have the courage to stand up and shame and condemn some of these lifestyle choices and to not be afraid to self-criticize and be that messenger to people,” he said. “But these individuals do not have the courage, they’re playing the game. They know better – they know these lifestyle choices can be fatal, but politics trumps policy for them and they’d rather carry water for the liberal and progressive agenda than fight for their own people.”




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