Bye ‘Fraudra’! Here’s What Happened When Kenya & Phaedra Faced Off During The #RHOAReunion

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Kenya Moore And Phaedra Parks Face Off During Part 1 Of The RHOA Reunion

During Sunday’s RHOA Reunion viewers saw just a sampling of the drama to come during the 4-part special. In part 1, Kenya Moore faced off not only with Sheree Whitfield over Chateau Sheree/Moore Manor but with Phaedra Parks who dumped her as a friend after Kenya threw her a “trifling” divorce party.

According to Phaedra she’s still steaming mad that Kenya texted Apollo during their marriage (even though Apollo admitted to lying about receiving explicit texts from Kenya) and THAT’s why she was so upset about the divorce party.

“She texted my husband and that’s a fact,” said Phaedra “When we were in Anguilla she asked if we wanted to have a threesome. It’s inappropriate… That was trifling.”

Kenya then ranted about Phaedra being fake and having two different sides; the “southern belle” and the “freak hoe.”

“You [have] your real life [where] you kiki with Porsha and laugh about being divorced and being the best. But then you think, ‘How will the public think about me and how will I feel in this moment?’ And then you readjust to keep up this false image that you have,” said Kenya. “I know the Southern Belle, I know the freak hoe—I know all those images, you’re full of s—. You’re phony and fake and that’s what you are.”

“You don’t even know me so how you would know what image I’m keeping up? You don’t know me to be a freak hoe,” said Phaedra.


Kenya had a LOT to say on social media about what went down last night and she blasted Phaedra for having a “fake a** soul.”

She also blasted Phaedra’s “Frick” Porsha for allegedly driving a car bought by a married man.


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Kenya also sent more shade to Sheree over her Chateau that she gave several nicknames (Chateau She Ain’t Done Yet; Chateau in Shambles; Chateau She Can’t Pay, etc.)

Kim Zolicak also jumped in the mix to shade Kenya.

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