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Maliibu Miitch

Rapper Maliibu Miitch pays homage to Foxy Brown in her upcoming new video “Gotta Get You Home,” the latest release from her upcoming mixtape, TOP 5. Fresh off of premiering her flip of Lil Kim’s classic “Crush On You,” “Gotta Get You Home” picks up where her last video left off, with Maliibu feeling remorseful for robbing her date in “Crush On You,” by breaking into his house and offering a unique apology. The Bronx MC brings new life to the classic 1996 track, with a skillfully executed balance of beauty and bars.

Check out Maliibu Mitch’s upcoming new video “Gotta Get You Home.”

What did you think of the video? We had a chance to chop it up with Miitch in an exclusive Q+A. Check it out below:

Maliibu Mitch

BOSSIP: If you’re from the South Bronx, why call yourself Maliibu Miitch?

Maliibu Mitch: I have no idea why, I just randomly came up wit it! But over time it grew to have its own meaning. Maliibu is the softer, chill, playful and worldly side of me and Miitch came from ‘Paid In Full,’ the movie, which shows my gritty, hard, hood side! The Bronx in me.

B: How long have you been rapping?

MM: I’ve been rapping about 6-7 years now.

B: How’d you choose the songs/artists for Top 5?

MM: Picking the artist was the easy part, the hard part was choosing the song! I stayed on youtube for days until I found the right one.

B: Finish the sentence: I wish more women ___________

MM: I wish more women helped each other build rather than tear each other down.

B: Do you think Remy & Nicki’s beef is good or bad for women? How about for hip-hop?

MM: To be honest I’m 50/50! We never had a female rap beef before, you know two females actually going at each other necks with bars, punchlines and lowblows! Jay-Z and Nas, 50 and Ja! Now their names are added to that list! They made history. But on the other side I do hate it happened because I would have absolutely loved hearing them both on a song together flexing on these ni**as!

B: How many tattoos do you have, which one is most special to you and why?

MM: Well damn, I lost count after 30! But I’d say the tattoo that has the most meaning to me is my sleeve, it’s an Asian theme for the side of me I will never get to know. My dad was adopted from Vietnam when he was a child so he doesn’t really know too much about his past! I feel like its something I will always lose out on. U know?

B: You posted on social media about being upset with Trump as the daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant, can we expect to hear you rap about politics?

MM: Hell yes you will! Politics, black on black crime, police brutality, nothing is off limits! Best believe I practice my freedom of speech![Laughs.]

B: Your man Chase Money Marz is also a rapper — what are some of the pros and cons of dating another artist?

MM: [Laughs] This is funny. Well being honest in the beginning he used to proofread my bars! Which I absolutely hated! [Laughs] I’ve known Marz since I was 18. He knew of me being some crazy girl in his gang! [Laughs] When we started dating, the music was all new to him, like his artistry was new to me. So I definitely understand his concerns, especially in proofreading my rhymes. The late-nights and multiple sessions a week can suck, but we both know what it takes, tons of sacrifice, so it effect us as much as it would bother a person that isn’t in music. Also, if I get stuck on a bar he’s there to help! I write all my rhymes but sometimes hearing the same beat over and over bores me and leaves me stuck!

B: Paying homage to the ’90’s is pretty popular right now, how does your vision for Top 5 fit in with that trend?

MM:I think I couldn’t have done it at a more perfect time. I wanted to honor and pay homage to the women from the 90’s golden era. The women who came before me sparked a renaissance with music that felt good, without the spotlight constantly focusing on gender. There was just more fun to be had in the 1990s. I guess that’s why it’s so popular right now. I want people from all walks of the earth to feel me, old and young. You know this generation is lacking soul, love and most importantly respect! Rapping about finessing the plug is cool and all but in my day [laughs] you finessed the plug, he’d finesse your whole life, if you know what I mean. Music these days only shows the cause never the effect! 90’s music showed you a way of life, through culture, by sharing the negative and positive.

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