Race Matters: Aussie Store Owner Prohibits “Black Teens And Dogs” From Entering His Shop

- By Bossip Staff

Aussie Store Clerk Bans Blacks And Dogs From Shop

A convenience store owner is under scrutiny for posting a sign, prohibiting dogs and black teenagers from entering. The owner says the sign is justifiable since he gets robbed frequently by a group of menacing black teens according to a local news station, 7. He even has video evidence to support it.

Many people have criticized the man for his choice of words, but he reveals surveillance footage of a pack of teens taunting and stealing from him on camera. An area police spokeswoman told news.com.au : “Victoria Police does not support the language of the poster and deems the message as inappropriate.”

Check the surveillance video of the teenage boys totally disrespecting and son-ing the store owner.

These boys are doing wayyyy too much. They need their azzes kicked, to say the least. Or jail. Do you think this clerk has a right to keep his sign up?

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