When the Checks Stop Coming In: Jasmine Guy’s Divorce Put Her In the Hole?

- By Bossip Staff

When Jasmine Guy decided to divorce Mitchell Duckett, she didn’t know about all the expenses ole boy had racked up:

“A Different World” star Jasmine Guy got her furniture, artwork, jewelery, cars, pre-marital earnings and sole custody of her daughter in her divorce from her hubby of 11 years — but she also got a crapload of debt.
Docs just filed in L.A. Superior Court show Guy was granted a divorce from Terrence Mitchell Duckett — but the papers also reveal she had to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the couple’s tremendous debt.

The amount Guy personally owes in back taxes and penalties: $123,503.64 … plus interest. Her ex isn’t free and clear either. His share of the debt: $94,354.71 … and he’s on the hook for interest too. Plus side: Guy just landed a role on “Vampire Diaries” … and that first paycheck couldn’t come fast enough.

Who knew that Whitley Gilbert would one day struggle?


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  • Manda`


  • DayShifter

    Really wished her career had taken off, thought she had a lot of potential.

  • Manda`


  • melissa

    I feel for Jasmine, she has that to face and she suffers from Lupus.

  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    Quiet as its kept, all of us here on Earth are going to struggle; some more and longer than others, but you WILL struggle sooner or later, so we might as well own up to it; Kirk Franklin had it right on his last CD ‘The Fight of My Life’. Big ups to everyone. 🙂


    SAD… 😦

  • Atl_Finest

    damn redbones age badly.

    • I'm Relieved

      She has a medical condition…lupus or something. She actually admitted to looking horrible on “A Different World”…but she used alot of makeup to the point where no one really recognized her when shopping around town without the makeup.Or they’d comments: “Is that Jasmine Guy, man she looks bad”. Yes the hubby looks good, and she looks like his Mother. So don’t make fun of her. She’s not redbone, one parent is white and one is black.

  • tb

    @ ATL Finest – You ain’t neva lied.

    That man looks young enough to be her son.

    Vampire Diaries a decent show.

  • I'm Just Me


  • yale killer

    daaaamn i remember huur

  • Chris

    Redbones age badly? Umm what about Lena Horne? What about Freda Payne? Vanessa Williams? Suzanne De Passe, don’t make me go one… Young one, you need to review your redbone history. Ms. Guy was ill with Lupus and that explains why she looks this way.

  • Miss B

    In a few years, I hope all works out and they both get their debt in control

  • chaka1

    Damn girl. This economy ain’t no joke…

  • Lady J

    She will be just fine…..Aren’t we all in debt anyway????

  • Speaking the truth...

    I am a sista that does not condone plastic surgery…but I need my girl to get some work done. I still love me some whitley though…go girl

  • thatbrutha

    This aint rocket science its simple. You make pictures, music, tv, sports for a while.
    YOU LIVE LARGE, comfortable, for the present.
    YOU DON’t PREpare for the future.
    CHECKS STOP Game over, you live smaller, smaller till one day your done.
    YOU DON’T GO from penthouse to working a 9-5 because you have never done 9-5 it goes without saying making let’s say 10K a week to making 1800K a week.
    Its life

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    Hard life lesson, but she can pull through.

  • asds

    all the years shes worked and she cant pay 125K back?

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    I knew that when she married him and him claiming to be an investment banker. Because you have a title behind your name dosn’t mean that you are competent to handle large investments and finances. He ran thru her money or at least tried too. Finally she woke up and found out that he was up to no good.

  • eveinthegarden

    whats with all this back tax stuff? I dont get it. Are these people just IGNORING TAX TIME or what?

  • Ladylumps

    That is just messed up. Pre nup all day

  • smiley

    I’m glad she is acting now…it did come at a good time so she can clear her debts….good luck to her!!!

  • tina

    I pray that she makes it through this ok. I would love to see her back on tv.

  • Ladytanyae

    She needs some botox badly

  • bcan

    she is not struggling…she has producing & staring in a ton of plays recently as well. she will be fine!

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