SMH: Aint Isht Caucasian Woman Admits To Wrapping Mosque Door Knobs In Bacon, To Be Hateful 

- By Bossip Staff

Woman Pleads Guilty To Mosque-Bacon Hate Crime

A California woman admitted to being hateful in court on Wednesday after she left pork on a Sacramento mosque’s exterior.

Lauren Kirk-Coehlo pleaded guilty to vandalism and hate crimes for vandalizing the Davis Islamic Center, according to the Sacramento Bee. Kirk-Coehlo was arrested Feb. 14 on suspicion of breaking six of the Davis mosque’s windows, damaging several bicycles at the mosque and wrapping pork around the handle of one of the mosque’s exterior doors. Smh.

Everyone knows Muslims omit pork from their environment, so in doing that, she was envoking hatred toward the people who practiced at the mosque.

It’s reported that Kirk-Coehlo could face up to a six-year sentence in state prison when she is sentenced June 16. The case now goes to Yolo County probation officials for a sentencing report.

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