Dirty Game: Mel B’s Freaky Nanny Files Defamation Lawsuit, Claims Pregnancy And Bela-Faux-ante Affair Are Lies

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Lorraine Gilles Is Suing Mel B For Defamation In Stephan Belafonte Divorce

Mel B’s marriage and subsequent divorce is and was an absolute mess.

There’s enough drama here for TWO Lifetime movies.

The latest layer of acrimony comes courtesy of a TMZ report which states that Mel B and Stephan Belafonte’s nanny, the one who was “allegedly” having threesomes with them, is now suing Mel for defamation.

Lorraine Gilles says that Mel B was lying like a muhfugga when she made claims that Belafonte had impregnated the naughty nanny and was sleeping with her outside of their tryst.

Lorraine is also refuting Mel’s claim that she has the sex tapes and has threatened to release them to the public.

Normally lawsuits cannot be filed against people for statements made in official court documents, but California is an exception. If a legally uninvolved 3rd party is accused of something, they have the right to sue.

Messy, messy, messy.

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