Exclusive: “Black Ink’s” Ceasar – ‘I’m A Man Of Morals’

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Black Ink’s Ceasar Talks The Single Life, New Shops & Where He Stands With Dutchess & His Baby Mama

On the new season of “Black Ink” Ceasar Emmanuel has had a lot of ups and downs. His fiance Dutchess, left him. He closed, then reopened his flagship tattoo shop and was the center of a tug-of-love between several women.

But the entrepreneur turned reality star hasn’t thrown in the towel. He just opened his third “Black Ink” shop in Atlanta and plans to open a line of tattoo shop franchises around the country. He said he’s settled his longstanding problems with his baby mama, Crystal, and is enjoying life with his new gal pal, fellow reality star Karlie Redd.

The Black Ink founder stopped by BOSSIP’s NYC offices to talk about his new ventures, relationships and outlook on life:

BOSSIP: How is the new Black Ink shop in Atlanta coming along?
Ceasar: “The new ATL shop is up and running, it’s been open for like a month. I even brought some of the members from New York down there. I’ve brought L.A. (a tattoo artist) and Sky down there. I’m really growing with this whole franchise thing. Have you ever dreamed of something and it’s actually coming true?”

BOSSIP: What is Sky like as a manager for your shop in ATL?
Ceasar: “I’m not gonna lie, that may have been the best move I made for Sky. It’s more peaceful. People don’t understand that New York brings a certain animal out of you. And once you’re born in this concrete jungle, it’s certain things that it’s hard to let go of if you’re still here. Out in Atlanta she’s able to breathe better. She’s able to feel love. I’m happy that I’m seeing my sister being able to grow and be happy.”

BOSSIP: What’s your relationship like with Dutchess these days?
Ceasar: “As far as me and her’s relationship, we don’t have one. We haven’t talked since Puerto Rico. And after everything came out with her and the cheating, it was just a little too much. I’m a man of certain principles and certain morals. I didn’t say I was perfect, but certain things people know I don’t do. I may work a little too much, but I’m not gonna sit here and s**t on someone that I was about to marry… At the end of the day, it was a learning experience, and I’m happy that I had a moment to love somebody regardless of how it turned out. A lot of people don’t even get that experience in life.”

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