Shaq, Shaunie and Son

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Shaq and Shaunie were spotted at the Wildlife World Zoo with their son last weekend, kickin it family style. They may very well be working it out. We won’t hold our breath however.

Image via Rhymes With Snitch

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  • ms meca


  • ms meca

    he looks just lik shaq……..

    shaunie is very pretty

  • SQ


  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    I don’t know them personally, but from the shows I’ve seen them on they seemed like a good couple that were “genuinely” in love and had a good relationship…

    This big goofy a$$ ni@@a got some nerve though, to get all upset and wanna get a divorce because she had her man on the side… With ALL them groupies he be messing with, ni@@a please…

    I wish them the best of luck, I hope they work things out…

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Shaunie is pretty, no under the knife thing going on.

    I still say shaunie was right to have been hiding stacks from Shaq.

    Why is that wrong, she knew what he was doing? Hello if you are a full time mom who doesn’t work dont be fooled that your husband will take care of you forever.

    She took money he gave her and invested it right back into herself and had her own estates. Many of you stupid broads could learn a thing or two, Shaunie wasn’t sitting around waiting for child support checks or alimony to kick in.

    I think folks hate cause she wasn’t the typical celeb/sports star wife!

  • Applgrrl25

    I love them!

  • Shannon O.

    Well, I thing they should work it out. Stop all this marrying and giving in to marriage bull-shi-ga-de. Honor the institution of marriage please. Everything, and almost everything can be worked out. Whatever it took to get that man or’s going to take that and more to keep them. Even the 10-50 year marriages have trouble. You have to keep things creative and do those wild and crazy things with your husband. Role play…listen..I know men can be doggs sometimes, but not all men are the same. This is only a theory…not a proven fact…but my theory to say the least…most men only travel outside the safety of home because they have a fantasy that needs to become reality. Now..some don’t need to be reality. But you know what you are working with so like my 18 year old would say…”YOU DO YOU AND LET ME DO ME!”…..Now what!

  • beautiful b


    thanks for being real. some broads would rather trap a nucca then actually do something the right way.

  • Kompton's Kutie


    Last time I checked he didn’t give her any of the money she took to invest in estates and to give her personal trainer. Because if he did, there would have never been an investigation on where the money went in the first place.

    If she wanted to make money what’s wrong with doing it right by doing something right not going behind somebody’s back.

    That’s called scandalous sh*t.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    @kompton’s kutie

    i’m not saying what she did wasn’t scandalous. Oh hell yea it is. But let me tell it to you like this

    how many of these rich wives/baby momma’s stop working or never work and suddenly when the husband divorce’s their ass they get real desperate for cash?! 100% of the time.

    Look at Bugs Monkey baby momma, that stupid broad was getting $25k a month, then down to $6.7K. And she was still living in his house. Now what does tht say about her stupid ass.

    As for Shaunie how scandolous can she be when Shaq was taking his money and spending it on groupies, mistress’s, and Supahead???? 2 wrongs don’t make a right but they make a LEFT TURN—and Shaunie went to the left

    Shaunie ain’t a fool, She ain’t crying like most of these Divorcee’s for mo money! Hell nah she is going strong because her paper and assest was strong before it all went down.

  • Big C Here

    @ Kompton’s Kutie

    Co-sign that….dang are people still saying ‘co-sign’?

  • ms meca

    i dont think it was wrong… she knew forever dont always mean for ever and her and shaq has many kids together so she invested her money so she would not be sitting around waitin on child support…..

    he was cheatin on her so her stashing money was not as bad as him cheating and al the bull he did det she stayed thru..

    im glad they are working things out.. that is always good and its cheaper to keep her….

    shaunie was very smart unlik des otha broads including 50 baby mama… they always trying to trap em up and think cause you have a baby wit some dude that will amke them stay.. nooooooooooooooo! if they want they will leave regardless and then you stuck to take care of a baby and aint gettin no help or no child support or livin off the govt.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    I am so glad to see they are working it out! They were one of my favorite celebrity couples because they seemed so real and genuine.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    I agree with U Smokey! Ain’t nothing wrong with having a little “security” to fall back on!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    @ms meca

    that’s what im talking about sistah!

    stop using ur baby’ daddy’s kids as a source of REAL income.

    Get your ass on up and get your own paper, or else

    you better be ready to SHUT UP and live a life of

    DENIAL like Kim Porter —aka the Puffy’s Doormat.

  • ms meca

    @ smokey i agree

    he was spendin all taht money on all these different jump off’s and shaunie wasnt blind to that fake or was she stupid about her money.. she knew she invested years and she knew she had kids to look after….. she also knew det if it came to it one day her and those kids still had to live wit or wit out shaq and she was prepared

  • ms meca

    @ smokey

    i agree all the way… it aint lik she invested in some other man or blew it all on designer clothes and bags… she did something that even her kids could live from

  • Kompton's Kutie


    I get your point about getting money. But, Shaunie can very well use her fame to venture out and do “Shaunie”. Not go and jack him and do “Shaunie”.

    True, he got groupies. He had those before they got married, if she had a problem with it then why did she marry him?

    And before she did anything drastic, she should have been a woman and talked to him regarding the way she felt. If he didn’t act right after that then leave. You should never have to get revenge on someone for hurting you and it will come back to you worse.

    Coming up by your own merits is the best revenge on anybody you’ve had to depend on at some point in your life.

  • ms meca

    lmao off @ smokey

    walkin to welfare with yo designer bags feet all hurting …

  • Suga Mo

    @ I also agree with u, Smokey. It is always to the best to make sure, u can take care of your own if something happens. My momma always says make our own money, and always set a little something aside. I still hope it works out.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    ms meca

    i agree all the way… it aint lik she invested in some other man or blew it all on designer clothes and bags… she did something that even her kids could live from


    Like i said before I feel folks is hating could we live in a double standard society. “What a man do a woman cannot.”

    Shaq don’t swim through soo much p–y but he ain’t suppose to look bad because his wife (the woman he is legally married to) he cheats on hid money from him?

    What is worse hiding $$$ or hiding affairs! Lord take us higher!

  • ms meca

    ……..if he gave her a 50,000 dollar allowance just say….. and she put some of that in a separate account and bought a buildin with thats or a salon or a restaurant with it … i dont think thats wrong because he did give her the money so what

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    @suga mo

    I guess our moms got school in the same place!

    thats what my moms tells me, dont ever rely on a man! Have your own everything even when you get married. Cause sure as hell he will walk out your life leaving you nothing and won’t think 2x.

    I can’t tell you how many women I have to talk to who are in their 40s plus and have to take basic vocational classes cause their husbands took everything. And they never worked a day in their life. This one lady was 55 years old no retirement plan ever nothing to claim in her name. All the kids grown and her husband made over a million in a year.

    All he left her was the first house, and only because he bought him 3 new ones in Vegas!

  • ms meca

    ….. definitly think cheating is worse then hiding money

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    oops typo

    i meant Shaq swam through….

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