Khleo Thomas Rides On Anyone Agreeing With Joe “Old Head” Budden On Yachty [Video]

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Straight up. Y'all gotta stop with this ignorance. Times change, things evolve. Joe Budden is the last guy I want to hear speak about the YOUTH, and the GENERATION who likes what they like. Joe Budden comes from the era where we had Def Jam Vendetta ?! A video game where you would FIGHT as your favorite rapper who was a HIT MAKER! That era is GONE. That type of music is GONE. Joe Budden should not be the BAR and the GATE KEEPER for acceptance into "HIP-HOP". It's people like him who want to alienate the youth and what they are creating. I bet if Yachty and Uzi weren't considered rappers, but were considered pop stars there would be no argument. Example, Pitbull raps, but only pop songs. Pitbull was a battle rapper in his youth. Same as Joe Budden. Do you see Joe checking Pitbull for not sticking to Battle Rapping for the CULTURE of hip-hop ? NO! Fuck outta here. Anybody who trying to make their mark, don't disrespect the past, but at the same time, don't ask for their permission or their blessing when it comes to your success. KEEP KILLING THAT SHIT! @complex

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Khleo Thomas does have a point about Joe not representing the whole culture. Anyways, old heads gotta give new Hip Hop up and understand it’s not all about the legacy. These kids must find their own way in the game. Actually, some of the music might be dope to them if they would get off the pedestal thinking rap is only what they’ve done.

Take Yachty and Migos on “Peak A Boo,” it’s dope. You can hate Yachty all you want and where the culture is going, but the truth of the matter is “good music is good music.” The elders must release the reigns. We all know when we hear a banger that can’t be denied. If you dismiss those feelings to one’s music, then you are an Old Head Hating.


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