Woman Gets Hit With Stray Bullet While Attending Cardinals Game

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Woman Grazed By Stray Shot At Cardinals Game

People really need to think twice before firing off rounds of bullets into the air.

A woman attending a Cardinal’s game inside St. Louis’ Busch stadium got struck by a stray bullet that appeared to have been fired from outside the stadium on Tuesday night.

According to USA Today, a 34-year-old woman seated near the dugout felt a sudden sharp pain in her arm. Upon removing her jacket, she discovered a small wound above her elbow. People around her quickly noticed that it was an apparent gunshot graze. As 54-year-old Todd Porter, who was attending the game with his son and was seated directly in front of the woman noted:

“You could see the little hole in her jacket, and all of a sudden you see the little bruise and a little blood on her arm.

I’m like, man, she did get shot. And next thing you know I’m like, you got shot for real? And she was like yes, and she reached over and picked the bullet up.”

The woman instantly went to a stadium first aid station and let a police officer on the scene know what had happened. Naturally, the area around her quickly cleared out when they realized what happened.

She’s very lucky that the bullet only nicked her arm. Things could have gone MUCH worse for her or another spectator at the game…

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