This Guy: Curt Schilling Doesn’t Believe Adam Jones Was Really Called The N-Word

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Curt Schilling Continues To Be A Hateful POS

If you needed any more evidence that Curt Schilling is a piece of crap, allow us to tell you about the way he’s been crusading against Adam Jones’ experience at Fenway Park.

“I don’t believe the story, given the world we live in,” Schilling said Thursday on his Breitbart show (via the Daily News). “I don’t believe it, for this reason: Everybody is starving and hungry to sit in front of a camera and talk and be social justice warriors. And if a fan yelled loud enough in center field for Adam Jones to hear the n-word, I guarantee you we would’ve heard and seen fans around on CNN on MSNBC, they would’ve found multiple fans to talk about what a racist piece of junk Boston is.

“Since Tuesday night, we’ve had one person come forward who we found out was lying about the fact that they were in the area and heard it, and other than that we’ve had nobody.”

“We’re gonna hear from somebody in the section that saw called a racist [word],” Schilling added. “If not, he’s lying. And I say he’s lying. If he isn’t, I will apologize. I will absolutely apologize on the air and I will be sincere about it, if it happens.”

If that’s not bad enough, there’s also Schilling’s tweets:

Curt Schilling accused an onlooker who claimed to have witnessed the racist fan’s behavior of lying.

He also repeatedly tweeted a link to a website with a listing of fake hate crimes — something which we agree does happen and has happened (think Duke Lacrosse case and Tawana Brawley)

Probably the most ridiculous part was when Schilling tried to make a case for what? We’re not quite sure, but he posted Meek Mill and Jeezy lyrics. Apparently we aren’t allowed to be offended when a racist uses a slur if we tolerate the word in rap lyrics.

Schilling has also been trying to discredit Jones because of an interview where he called baseball a white man’s sport.

Do you think Schilling has a point or should he just go ahead and jump in a lake already?


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