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Checkout these whimsical self-portaits of Solange at the beach. She opens up on her Myspace blog and credits Kanye for her inspiration:

I read a quote from kayne west the day i made the drive out to the beach. He said something about only doing things that made him happy (dont quote me) he said he didnt care when he made the flashing lights video that other people may not like it. I say go Kayne! I feel that way:)

Apparently she’s feeling pretty grateful for the support of her fans of her single “I Decided” too:

‘”There have been hundreds of thousandths people who have heard it and so many of you have shown quite a keen reaction.'”

Except for the fact that she needs a little grammar tutoring (thousandths???), it seems that Solange is in good spirits these days. Judging by the way she looks in these pics, we wonder if she isn’t toking on that kush.

Check out more pics of her day at the beach and unusual promo pics under the hood…


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  • swoosh


  • Vinandi


    aaah bless her cotton socks, child is trying! Go sol! break out from from the shadows!!

  • Lush-Us Lipps


  • Cage

    I’d smash….

  • Vinandi

    she needs to get Baby Daniel ( aka li’l creole pimp)on her marketing team, then she’ll defo go platinum!!

  • Raven


    For the dozenth time, why must the blogs report on ANYTHING Solange is doing??

  • ms meca

    @ cage

    lamo at least you honest … you said you will smash just about every person they posted this mornin

  • Trusted Source


  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    She seems to be a bit of a free spirit…which is endearing. Ya know, imagine having to live under your big sister’s shadow while trying to carve out an identity/career for yourself. I’m sure she feels pressured from lots of different angles…not as photogenic as B, but looks like she’s having fun *see, darn, I made a comparison without even meaning too*

  • Trusted Source


  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    leave her alone

    she ain’t never hurt nobody with her peculiar ways

    why must she be a clone

    let her be

  • mojojojo195

    @ Vandi

    LMFAO I have never heard that term before LOL

    bless her cotton socks …classic

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Hey cage…it just hit me that you are the same guy that had this really “professional” looking pic up months back when we were complaining about not getting any money back from Bush’s stimulus plan…then the same guy with the “smoke” that I asked about and now this.

    LOL, I totally didn’t recognize you from the 2nd pic, but just now, a bell went off…*ding,ding,ding* 🙂

  • ms. y

    lmbo@ raven…good eye!!

  • Vinandi

    I concur with most of the comments above!

    I also reckon nothing would annoy Bey more than her sis becoming successful! so I think a Support Solange Campaign ( SCC) is the way to go!!!

    and if she blazes the chronic, even better ! You go Sol!!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    BTW, loving all the grammarians in the room. 🙂

  • intuitivepisces

    slow news day.

  • Vinandi

    @ mojo

    its a very english expression- used when someone is really trying hard, but not doing so well!

  • MissT

    Solange will always be in her big sister’s shadow, go take care of your child, Next….

  • valenne

    i am sorry but why would Beyonce would be annoyed if her own sister become popular. We all know, it is not going to happen, wether she has talent or not, her father would not promote her +, she is not doing pop music so she would not be able to attract as many fans as her sister. However, even if she does, why Bee would be annoyed. Its her sister????

  • soulwoman

    Whatever Solange. She tries to hard. She is always trying to prove how she is different and free…yada, yada, ya. If that’s the way you are then be that way. She obviously feels the need to impress and be important because she is always explaining herself.

    I’m sure she read the quote on this blog being that she quoted the exact part of the article it came from that was posted here.

  • Lauren

    Move over Bey! Here comes your lil Sis, Go Solange!

  • kai

    That girl needs some dick in her life or sum…that is stupid what shes doing least beyonce might be getting some big dick…geeze beyonce gets EVERYTHING and solange gets NOTHING lol..but then again, jay z is camel ugly lol…

  • valenne

    that was for Vinandi!

    Personnaly, ilike solange, i like her vibe, i like her soul! and i think she is as such as talented as her sister, she is just not as thick and as beautiful as her sister to some of U but she is to me!

  • valenne

    damn, i hope solange does not read this blog!!!

    But it was probably an answer to people who dislike her?? She makes whatever makes her happy and she does not try hard! Her sister in others way do everything she can to be everywhere so who tries hard!

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