This Is Not A Drill: Nicki Minaj Is Offering To Pay Her Followers’ Tuition And Twitter Is In Shambles

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Nicki Minaj Pays Off Followers’ Student Loans

Welp. It’s hard to say anything bad about Nicki Minaj now. The rap queen took to Twitter on Saturday night to offer up a bit of help. One random tweet like this one:

prompted her to offer to pay off some student loans and tuition. But she didn’t stop there. She talked to some followers who also needed help and decided to chip in. She did more than chip in, she started paying off loans and tuition owed to help people struggling with a crippling student loan situation in America. Here are some more of her offerings:

Twitter lost its damn mind over this, as you can imagine. Take a look at the reactions and praise she’s getting for this genuinely great move.

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