Allah Don’t Like Ugly: Mouthy Mayonnaise Muslim-Hater Gets Out Of Pocket At Trader Joes

- By Bossip Staff

Muslim Woman Accosted With Hate Speech At Virginia Trader Joe’s

These melanin-deficient folks are gonna learn the hard way about talkin’ that racist, nationalist, “go back to your country” s#!t.

According to a report in WJLA, a parmesan-crusted bigot inside a Virginia Trader Joes has been put on blast for spittin’ hot bars of hate-speech while waiting to pay for her gluten-free groceries.

A woman appears to tell a fellow shopper, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” in a video that is being shared online across multiple platforms.

Apparently, after a muslim woman was kind enough to allow this bigoted Becky to cut the line, the unseasoned shopper began to make rude comments about another muslim woman in the store and began spouting off about female genital mutilation.

Who the hell has these type of conversations in the check-out line? White people, that’s who.

This be-yotch is gonna run into the wrong one one day and the consequences are gonna be worse than a viral video…

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