Snapback Strong: Joseline Says She’s A Size 2 After Giving Birth To Bonnie Bella

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Joseline Hernandez For Galore Magazine

LHHATL’s Puerto Rican Princess is speaking further on her impressive post-baby snapback. Joseline is the current cover girl for Galore Magazine and in it, she’s talking motherhood, fashion and fitness.

According to Joseline, she gets her style (that recently included nipple tassels) from Iris Chacon and her mother who’s a “sexy, Spanish woman.”

“Well, first of all, I’m Puerto Rican. And so, when I was growing up I always wanted to be like Selena and I used to sing all her songs. I have that sense of fashion from the Spanish. And then this other lady called Iris Chacon — I don’t know if you heard of her, but she used to be like this Spanish singer and dancer and she was real sexy and real beautiful and different. She was like a sex symbol.

Oh, and my mother of course. She always been a sexy, sexy Spanish woman. So, I think that’s where I get it from.”

I'm just A show Girl 😏 Don't be mad at me Be mad at your self.

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She also added that she stays fit with her ResultsIn28Days fitness program that’s gotten her back down to a size 2 after her daughter Bonnie Bella’s birth.

“Well, I have my own workout program. My trainers and I came together and wanted to create a program that was easy for people who really like to work out and for people who have a hard time getting up and going to the gym.

So, we put together this program called “Results In 28 Days” (RI28) and you can check that out on, and the program is real easy. It’s simple things that makes your heart rate go up, which burns the fat out.

I did that throughout my whole pregnancy. I just had my daughter Bonnie Bella four months ago and I’m back to a size two. That’s the only thing I stick to and I stand by it. It’s like a personal trainer on your phone without having to go to the gym.

A size 2? Well damn!

Joseline’s Galore Mag cover also includes sexy photos of the “Spanish rock star” with a botanical rose garden theme.

You like???

More Joseline Hernandez for Galore on the flip.

Mike Boyce/Galore Magazine

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