Barry Knows Best: Obama Been Told Orange Fanta POTUS That Mike Flynn Was Shady AF

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Obama Told Trump Mike Flynn Was Suspect, Trump Hired Him Anyway

Cheeto-in-Chief Donald and his band of bootlickers were so anti-Obama that they refused to heed the then-President’s sound advice when naming disgraced Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn the new administration’s National Security Adviser.

According to CNN, during their virally awkward meeting in the Oval Office, President Obama warned President-elect Trump that Mike Flynn was involved in some shady shenanigans the likes of which would make lyin-azz Phaedra Parks blush.

This is the handshake of a man who knows he just wasted his time trying to convince a fool not to be a fool.

Despite the fact that Flynn was fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Obama was more concerned about the Lt. Gen.’s communication with Russians.

“Flynn’s name kept popping up,” according to a senior Obama administration source.

Trump hired ol’ boy anyway. Likely because Flynn stood his hypocritical, vodka-infused a$$ on live television saying this:

24 days later, Trump fired Flynn…because “he lied to Mike Pence”…about talking to Russians.

Barry was out here on his Miss Cleo and Donald just couldn’t take his word for it. Now look at him.

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