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“She set out to destroy me the same way she did Kandi…”—Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore Reacts To “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Reunion

By now you’ve surely heard about the explosive moment that Phaedra Parks was exposed by Porsha Williams on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion.

As previously reported Frick [Porsha] announced that Frack [Phaedra] told her that Todd and Kandi wanted to drug her for sex. And while Phaedra tried to wiggle her way out of the blame, Porsha exploded. Not only that, Porsha also claimed that Phaedra, who sat virtually stone-faced during the reunion, told her the lie that Todd was cheating on Kandi under the alias Marvin.

And while viewers were shocked to see the drama unfold, Kenya Moore wasn’t too shaken because she’s seen someone act this way before. Kenya talked to BOSSIP today about the RHOA Reunion and revealed her reaction to the drama.

According to her, she first found out that Phaedra was shady when they fell out over her workout tape. That then escalated to Phaedra “encouraging” her ex Walter to lie and say that Kenya paid him to be her boyfriend.

“Why did I have so much to say? That’s why!!!” Kenya told BOSSIP.

What went through your mind when Porsha dropped the bomb on Phaedra?

Honestly, I already knew it was coming. She got so much hate for spreading all those lies on Kandi that her only play was to throw Phaedra under the bus.

NeNe said last night that she realized Phaedra’s questionable behavior back in season 3…

when did you first realize that she was shady?

Phaedra and I fell out after she wouldn’t pay me for my producing services in the workout video. After I decided to do my own work out video she methodically began an entire smear campaign against me. According to her, I was an alcoholic, loose woman, bipolar.She also encouraged Walter to go on the radio to lie about our relationship. She started the rumor that I paid Walter which became a recurring theme to this day. People think Walter said that, but he didn’t. He also got a cease and desist from me which is why he stopped lying on me.

It didn’t stop there, she appeared on the Arsenio Hall show and told a boldface lie about me propositioning her husband and never questioned me. We all know now it was a lie. She set out to destroy me the same way she did Kandi.

Why did I have so much to say? That’s why!!! I had every right to say something. I’ve always told people she was trying to literally destroy me. It took it happening to someone else for everyone to see it for themselves.

You’ve moved on from your last relationship, what did you learn?

It’s important that little girls, women, mothers and daughters know that there is never an excuse for abuse. If you are in a relationship where someone is abusive in any way-LEAVE NOW! It’s not worth risking your life.

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What are you looking forward to in season 10 of RHOA?

Presenting and being the happiest Kenya I can be! Kenya Moore the Mogul will be in full effect. I want to thank my fans for always having my back and believing in me and most of all supporting me.


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