#BlackGirlMagic Bennett College’s Valedictorian Has An Inspiring Story That’ll Make You Smile

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Black girl magic…

Chelsea Moore Is Bennett College’s Valedictorian

A Nashville, Tennesse native who graduated at the top of her class is making headlines. Chelsea Moore is a brilliant and beautiful Bennett College grad a.k.a. a Bennett Belle, who had a 4.0 GPA.

She also managed to have 7 internships throughout her college career and did so well with her studies that she finished in just 3 1/2 years instead of 4.
Chelsea recently chatted with BOSSIP about her success.

On her 7 internships:

“I first began interning the spring semester of my sophomore year. I had two internships: a virtual internship with Ignite NC, a not for profit organization in North Carolina that is committed to building up youth as leaders, fighting for social justice and bettering the world and I also did an internship with my alma mater, Bennett College in the Department of Communications.

The summer of my sophomore year I landed two more internships. The first month I interned with Fletcher Rowley, a political advertising, marketing and public relations agency, the following month I interned with personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey.

The fall semester of my junior year I continued my internship with Bennett College, but I was promoted to serve as the Assistant to the Chief of Marketing and Communications at the time. The summer of my junior year I interned with CNBC. The fall semester of my senior year I interned with Hornets Sports and Entertainment, formally known as the Charlotte Hornets.

In December, I landed a virtual internship with Harlem Girls Cheer, Inc., a not for profit organization that seeks to enhance the 360-degree development of minority girls and young women, ages 8-18, through cheerleading.”

On managing her college curriculum with interning:

“The summer internships were obviously not so hard to manage because I was not in school, but interning during the semester was pretty rough! When I first began as a sophomore, I was a resident assistant, the managing editor and a contributor to the Belle Magazine, contributor to the Bennett Banner, took 17 credit hours, and was also an intern for two organizations. Fall semester of my junior year I was the host the school’s news show that I created during the end of my sophomore year, The Weekly Ring, took 20 credit hours (to ensure that I would still graduate early as I prepared to study abroad), and worked a minimum of 20 hours a week as the Assistant to the Chief of Marketing and Communications.

I thought interning during my senior year would be a breeze because I had fewer credit hours, but it was a challenge as well. Working for the Hornets was demanding due to the number of games and events they had on a daily/weekly basis. I remember during mid-terms, I took three exams in one day and worked the season opener which required 12 hours.

The most challenging part about interning during the semester was the deadlines. There were times when everything was due at once. At times I grew overwhelmed and just wanted to give up, but I didn’t. Having interned with several organizations was rewarding because it exposed me to the many practice areas within communications and gave me valuable hands-on experience as a student.

Interning with more than one place at once disciplined me and I learned how to prioritize, especially when dealing with close deadlines. As a result, I’m able to turn out quality work much faster and endure pressure. Through it all I wouldn’t change the challenges I faced. My freshwoman year I said I wanted to “eat” and that’s exactly what I did.”

On her new job with the world’s #1 PR firm:

“In July, I will begin a six month trainee program with Edelman, a leading global communications marketing firm.”

Congratulations Chelsea!

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