BYE ASHY! Scamfishy “Teacher” EXPOSED After Heart-Melting Letter From Student Goes Viral

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ScamFishy Teacher BUSTED For Lying About Viral Letter

It’s Tuesday and there’s a scamfishy “teacher” on the loose in Atlanta who went viral after posting a heart-melting letter from a student on social media. A student who probably doesn’t even exist because he isn’t a real teacher, according to the AJC. And now we’re all caught up in the biggest internet scam of 2017 that stems from a letter very likely written by a scammer with childish handwriting. YIKES.

Hit the flip for all the internet chaos over scamfishy teacher bae.

First, this happened and melted hearts across the internet…

The letter went viral and was featured everywhere from Ellen to Essence Mag. Mama, he made it.

Steve Harvey and his 27-button suit was so proud. Look at him.

“I’ve done had” …whoa dere. But he’s a teacher? The clues were there.

Oh yes, he achieved the holy scammer trinity: instant fame, thousands of new followers and donations. Well, until the AJC jumped out the bushes and popped his scamfishy bubble…

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    Of course he put on his big boy scammer pants and clapped back…

    “So many countless of letters” *clicks pen*

    (FYI: Neither facts nor evidence nor a sniff of receipts have been provided)

    It’s scary when you realize this student doesn’t exist.

    Orrrrr maybe he’s a Stage 5, Level 10 scamfish who used kids as props, forged letters from imaginary students and posed as a teacher for internet fame, attention from women and donations. Hmmm.

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