Gone So Soon: Remembering Phaedra’s Most Insane Moments From Her Time On #RHOA

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Phaedra’s Craziest #RHOA Moments

Phaedra is gone, guys. She’s been booted from #RHOA after it came out she lied about her castmates and their alleged intentions with Porsha. Now that she’s gone we can look back at her craziest moments from the show. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

The Auto-Fellating Stripper – Back in 2011, Phaedra threw a birthday party for Kandi and invited a stripper…who could, well, never mind.

When she too the pickle pic with Apollo

When she almost clocked Kenya with her purse that may or may not have had a brick in it.

The thong. THE THONG.

There was the time Phaedra found Nene’s half-sister and tried to get her on the show.

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    She pulled a whole thing where she didn’t know how long she was pregnant or even if she was pregnant

    “Fakedra” and the unforgettable nickname Nene gave her.

    When she tried to convince everyone that Kim was a stripper.


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