Won’t Bey Do It? Red Lobster Releases 25th Anniversary Cheddar Bay Biscuit Lip Balm

- By Bossip Staff

Red Lobster Rolls Out Cheddar Bay Biscuit-Flavored Lip Balm

So, Red Lobster. It can be a polarizing place–the battle between it’s ardent defenders and unyielding critics is ongoing, but everyone can agree that Cheddar Bay Biscuits are phenomenal. Go debate your Trump-voting uncle.

As heavenly as those golden and garlicky appetizers are, some things just shouldn’t become flavors for other products. Like…lip balm for example.

According to MarieClaire, Red Lobster is offering up Cheddar Bay Biscuit lip balm to celebrate 25th years of movin’ that dough.

If you happen to think this sounds amazing, we’ve got some bad news. The only way to get the buttery balm is to sign up for the a frequent buyer club and win a goodie bag. Entry closed yesterday.

Consider our tardiness a favor.

Somehow, Stans will credit Beyoncé for this. We so blessed.

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