Black UK TV Host Called ‘Racist’ For Segment On Brown Baby Dolls?

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Moronic Morning Show Viewers Call Host “Racist” For Segment On Lack Of Diversity In Kids Toys

A television hostess on a United Kingdom morning show asked a question about diversity in children’s toys and was met with dozens of tweets calling her ‘racist’ over it. The segment she produced pointed out the lack of brown baby dolls available to mothers and children of color. After the segment aired the woman was slammed as being a racist for her interviews.


Most of the comments on Twitter directed at the morning shows account called the woman, who goes by her first name, Jamelia a racist and says that she’s lying about the varieties of brown skin-tones and Black children’s toys available.

The viewers couldn’t seem to gather why she had to point out lack of diversity.

This viewer had the NERVE to ask why she was teaching Black children to “only play with Black dolls.”

Jamelia remained unbothered by the commetns, sharing photos from her segment on IG.

👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 Coming up on today's @ThisMorning is my piece about the lack of ethnic diversity in the UK's children's toy stores. Really interesting, hopefully our stories & findings will help to bring about some much needed change. Please do feel free to post the @ names of any manufacturers of multi-ethnic toys in my comments, as I'd love to help point other parents & carers in the right direction. Thanks so much to @lizbettykerr, and the wonderful children, parents & staff at Edgbaston Nursery, Sharon with her gorgeous music boxes at @Nia.Ballerina and Andy and his brilliantly accommodating staff @ToysRus!! Enjoy! Feel free to share stories of your own experiences here too ❤😘❤ #RepresentationMatters

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