Officially Innocent: Judge Throws Out Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction

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Judge Tosses Aaron Hernadez Murder Conviction

Aaron Hernandez is finally found innocent, posthumously. A judge agreed to vacate the murder conviction from a 2013 case because he die before his appeal.

According to ESPN, Judge E. Susan Garson ruled today that she had to follow a legal doctrine which states that Aaron’s conviction had to be tossed since he died before his appellate court date. Bristol Country, where he was serving his prison sentence, plans to appeal the decision according to the report.

Why are they wasting people’s tax dollars appealing??? The man is in the ground already.

Reports circulated recently that the county suspected that Aaron hinted to his fiancé that she was “rich” in a suicide letter. Perhaps they are trying to avoid a lawsuit from his surving family. Aaron’s lawyer and fiancée insist in a recent lawsuit that Aaron hadn’t taken his own life ins prison.

A Boston Herald reporter who was present during the hearing, live tweeted the whole thing.

The mother of Aaron’s alleged victim joined the DA in a press conference after the Judge’s decision. She still believe’s Aaron is guilty.


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