Excuse You? Caucasian Game Of Thrones Actress Sounds Like She Saying ‘What’s Up My N*gga’ On Video

- By Bossip Staff

Did GoT’s Sophie Turner Use The N-Word On Video?

A recent Instagram snap story video has a lot of people up in arms over the language actress Sophie Turner may or may not be using. It sounds like the Game Of Thrones star is saying the word ‘n-gga’. The snap was originally posted by Brendan Fallis, a DJ and fitness expert. Joe Jonas was also present in the clip.

Brendan has since deleted the Instagram story video and keeping others of the actress and company working out. But, before evidence could be destroyed people grabbed the video.

Here it is. What does it sound like she’s saying to you?

A website called Gossip Cop insist that turner did not actually use the slur. They claim she was actually saying motherf*cker. Hmmm, ok. We have ears, lets scroll back and listen a little closer. Does it sound the N-word or motherf-cker to you?

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