SMH: ‘18% Black’ Cop Sues Chief Who Allegedly Called Him “Kunte” After Taking Ancestry Test

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White Cop Claims Ain’t Isht Department Ridiculed Him Over “African American” DNA Result

A White Michigan police officer took an ancestry test and shared his results with his own department, regretfully. According to MLive, the White officer dealt with racism for disclosing his “18% Black” results.

Cleo Brown is suing the city over allegations of racist bullying. The sergeant says he dealt with the Chief of Police calling him “Kunte”, as in the main character from the slave movie Roots, while other officers whispered “Black Lives Matter” and pumped fists as he walked past.


Oh, it gets worse. Reports say at a Christmas party, the department hung stocking with santa figurines. Brown’s stocking was full with a Black Santa, and ‘18%’ written on its beard.

The city is saying however, that Brown started the “joking banter”. They say that, where he got his test, does not have an “African American” category for results. He was the one who falsely shared that information, they say.

Sgt. Brown, in a very joking and jovial manner, informed several of his fellow officers that he had recently taken a DNA test through and the results showed that he was 18% African American,” the statement said. The city also noted that’s website did not include “African American” as a possible result.


Brown’s lawsuit also names Mayor Frank Campbell as joining in on the banter. During passing, the Mayor is quoted as saying to him: ‘Hey, I got a joke for you guys,’ and proceeded to tell a racist joke using the word, ‘Negroid,’ at least two or three times,” the lawsuit said.


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